How to Recharge Google Play using Paytm App

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How to Recharge google play using the Paytm app. Strangely, you can get Paytm App from Google play. But you cannot recharge google play using itself. Paytm is no longer an unknown app and it is known for the service it gives. Every App specifies certain limits. Hence you can check Paytm limits. Now identify the steps for recharging Google using the Paytm app. We have to look at the given steps in this article.

How to recharge google play balance using paytm wallet

Recharge Google Play Using Paytm App With 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the Paytm app:If you don't have the Paytm App then make sure you get it from Google play. Or if you have already installed it. Then go to the Paytm App. Next, click and open the Paytm app on your screen.

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Step-2 Click on google play recharge: Now when the homepage of the Paytm App appears on your screen. Then you have to go to an option for Google Play Recharge. Next, click on this.

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Step-3 Enter the amount and then proceed to pay: Here on this page, you have to enter the correct amount of Google play recharge. Then tap on Proceed to Pay.

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Step-4 If you have any promo code then apply it, otherwise proceed to pay: You can apply the promo code if you have any of it. However, if you don't have any promo code then proceed to pay.

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Step-5 Select the option to pay: Now choose the mode of payment and then tap on pay securely.

  • Once the transaction of recharge is successful.
  • Then you will receive a google play recharge code on your registered mobile number of Paytm account.
  • Hence, this is proof that your google play recharge is successfully done.
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How To Use The Google Play Recharge Code On Google Play?

Once you have paid for the Google play recharge on Paytm. Then you get a certain code for your number. Now you can use this code to buy any games, apps, e-books, etc from Google play. In addition, you can use the code for any other stuff Google play provides. You can also use the code for app purchases or use it as a subscription for any activity offered by Google Play.

Can You Get A Refund Of the Google Play Recharge On Paytm?

No, you cannot get a refund of the google play recharges by Paytm. Once you have purchased the code of recharges. Then you can't get back the refund of it. Hence, you have to anyhow use the Google play recharge code on any app offered by Google play.

Can You Use Credit Card For Recharge Of Google Play On Paytm?

Yes, you can pay from your credit card to recharge google play using Paytm. However, make sure you add the credit card on Paytm App. In addition, you can also pay with a credit card that is not saved on your Paytm account. Hence, you can use any credit card to pay for the recharge code of Google play using Paytm.






Another Method

You can buy a number of apps and games from the Google Play Store. Therefore, it's important to keep it recharged and the good news is we can recharge google play using Paytm. There are a lot of games and applications for which you need to pay for you cannot get them for free. Also, some apps have premium features that you need to buy for this all things you need the Google pay money. So follow this guide to recharge google play using Paytm.

Steps to recharge google play using Paytm

1. Open tRecharge google play using paytmhe Paytm Application: Firstly on your Android device, you will see a white-colored icon with Paytm written on it. It's the trademark icon for the paytm application. Tap on it to launch the paytm application.

2. Tap on "More": After opening the paytm application on the main page tap on the "More" option it will be represented by four boxes. It will give you access to more options. Recharge google play using paytm

3. Tap on "Google Play": After opening more options you will a number of options like Book a Cylinder, Cable Tv and others but you need to tap on the "Google Play" option. By tapping on this option you can recharge you google play.

Recharge google play using paytm

4. Enter the Amount: Now you need to enter the amount by which you want to recharge your Google Play. You can add the amount according to your need and also keep in mind the frequency of apps and games you buy on play store. Recharge google play using paytm

5. Tap on Proceed: After entering the amount you need to add to your Google play store account you can now tap on the "Proceed" button present at the bottom. Recharge google play using paytm

6. Tap on "Proceed to Pay": If there are any coupons available you can choose among them. Sometimes the coupons can be quite useful. After choosing the coupons tap on the "Proceed to Pay" option present at the bottom of the page. Recharge google play using paytm

Keep your Debit/Credit card handy if you don't have paytm balance.

7. Tap on "Pay Securely": If you have the amount in your paytm wallet then you can choose the pay with the paytm balance option if not there are a number of options available like debit/credit card and also net banking and others. Recharge google play using paytm

8. Wait for the Sucess status: As soon as your payment is done you will get a success message as your order status and the amount will be credited to your google play store account. Recharge google play using paytm

Now as you have an amount in your Google play store you can buy apps and games with it. Also, some premium apps can be downloaded using your google play store wallet amount. You can also purchase a gift card to give someone gifts and they can buy apps and games with that amount. You can also purchase TV shows, movie, and songs with it. The credit can also be used for in-app purchases.

Important: The credits do lapse one year from when the credit was added to your account.

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