How to Verify Mobile Number on Paytm App

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Paytm involves the exchange of money and that's why it's very important to get your Mobile number verified. You can verify the mobile number on Paytm. If verified the other user will also feel comfortable in paying you as your mobile number is verified. So follow the given steps to verify the mobile number on paytm.

Steps to verify mobile number Paytm

1. Open up your Paytm Application: Firstly you need to tap on the white logo with paytm written on it on your android device. It's the trademark logo for the paytm application. Tap to open the paytm application.

Verify mobile number on Paytm App

2. Open the Sidebar: The main page of the paytm application has three parallel horizontal lines at the top left corner. Tap on it to open the other settings for your paytm application. A sidebar will open up with a lot of options. For example, Payment Settings, Profile settings and others. Verify mobile number on Paytm App

3. Tap on "Profile Settings": Scroll down on the sidebar until you find "Profile Settings". Tap on the profile settings to verify your mobile number on paytm. Verify mobile number on Paytm App

4. Tap on "Mobile Number": In profile settings, there will be different sections where you can change your display name, change your profile photo. Tap on Mobile Number to verify it. Verify mobile number on Paytm App

5. Tap on "*": Just next to the mobile number which is already entered you will find a "cross" icon *. Just tap on it to remove the number and add a different one instead of it. Verify mobile number on Paytm App

6. Tap on the Mobile no. box: An empty box will be given to enter the mobile number which you want to verify. Just tap on the box and enter the number you want to verify. Verify mobile number on Paytm App

7. Tap on Save: After entering the mobile number and ensuring that the number you entered is correct you can now tap on the save option. The save option is present at the top right corner of the page. Verify mobile number on Paytm App

8. Enter the OTP: An OTP (One time Password) will be sent to your mobile number which you entered. Enter the OTP received in the box to verify the number Verify mobile number on Paytm App

If you did not receive the OTP, you can sign in at Paytm and give a missed call to the number: 1800– 1219700 in 4 hours. Once you have done so, refresh the page and check status.

*Make sure you enter the OTP correctly*

9. Tap on Confirm: After you have entered the OTP you can tap on the confirm option and your mobile number will be verified.

Verify mobile number on Paytm App

Now you can start accepting the payment on this number and also can pay to someone. It's safer to verify your number with paytm. It's also important to verify your mobile number immediately in order to continue enjoying the discounts and cash back in your Paytm Wallet. Paytm also sends information related the orders places and the updates about the order through SMS.

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