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Everyone nowadays is using the Paytm application for payments. It's a safe and secure way to receive and give payments. With the introduction of the Paytm for Business, it becomes easier for the merchants to use the application. Any shop owner can register to Paytm for Business and receive cashless payments. Follow the step by step guide to register your business to Paytm for Business.

Create Paytm Business Account

Steps to register to Paytm for Business:

1. Open the Play Store: First of all, you will need to open the Play Store on your Android device. You will see a Play icon with different colors on it. Just tap on it to launch the Play Store application. Paytm for Business

2. Tap Search Bar: To search for any application, first of all, you will need to search the application name on the search bar given at the top of the play store page. You can also tap on the microphone logo at the right side of the box and speak the name of the application. Paytm for Business

3. Type the Name of the application: Now in the box enter the name of the application which we want to download in this case it's Bussiness with paytm. Paytm for Business

4. Tap on the first option: After you have entered the name of the application you will see a number of suggestions just below the box. You can tap on the first suggestion as it will be the most relevant suggestion.

Paytm for Business

5. Tap on Install: You will see a green button with INSTALL written on it. Tap on it to install the business with paytm application.

Paytm for Business

6. Open the Bussiness with Paytm application: After your application is installed on your Android Device. You will see its icon on your home screen. It will have a white icon with Bussiness with Paytm written on it. Just tap on it to open the application. Paytm for Business

7. Choose your Language: Paytm gives you a wide range of option of languages in which you can operate the application. You can choose from the given options. There are many options like English, Hindi, Tamil, etc.

Paytm for Business

8. Tap on Continue: Now after you have chosen the language in which you want to operate the paytm application. You can tap on the Continue option at the bottom of the page. Paytm for Business

9. Tap on Get Started: You will finally land to the Get started page. Just tap on the Get Started option at the bottom of the page.

Paytm for Business

10. Enter your Mobile Number or Email Address: In the box given you will need to enter the Mobile number or the email address from which you wish to operate the business account. Paytm for Business

11. Tap on the Continue Button: After you have entered the mobile number or the email address and ensured that they are entered correctly. You can tap on the continue button present at the bottom of the page. It will be a blue logo with a forward arrow mark ">". Just tap on it to continue. Paytm for Business

12. Enter Password: Now make sure you enter a strong password as this app will have your money of the business you are registering. Use all the characters and make them strong. Enter your password in the box given. You can also see your password by tapping on the eye logo at the right side of the Enter Password box.

Paytm for Business  

13. Tap on tick mark: Now to continue with the password you will need to tap on the Tick mark. It will be present at the bottom right corner of the page. Just tap on it continue. Paytm for Business

14. Tap on Accept payments Using QR: You can put up a QR code in your shop or any business that you run and the customer can scan and pay to you. To use this feature just tap on the Accept payments using QR option.

Paytm for Business

15. Enter your PAN Number: Now you will need to add some accounting details of your business. First of all, enter your Pan Number in the box given. Paytm for Business

16. Enter the name of PAN holder: Now you will need to add the name of the person or the business to whom the PAN belongs. Make sure you enter these details correctly if not paytm may throw an error. Paytm for Business

17. Enter the Display Name: Enter the name you want the users to see while they pay to you using the QR code.

Paytm for Business

18. Enter your Bussiness Category: Tap on the business category box to get the suggestions of the business categories that paytm has classified. Paytm for Business

19. Choose from the List: You will get a list of different Categories. Choose the most appropriate category for your business. Just tap on the category to choose the particular category. Paytm for Business

20. Choose the Bussiness Sub-Category: Now you will need to choose the sub-category for your business for that just tap on the Business Sub-Category Box. Paytm for Business

21. Choose the Sub-Category from the options: From the list of options choose the most appropriate option. For example, in this case, we will choose the bakery option. Just tap on the option to select the Sub-Category.

Paytm for Business

22. Enter the Bank Account Number: In this step, you will need to enter your bank account details for payment settlement i.e transferring the paytm amount to your bank account. To begin with, enter your Bank Account Number in the box given. Paytm for Business

23. Enter your IFSC code: You will also need to enter your IFSC code in order to link your bank account to the paytm application. Make sure you enter it correctly or else it will create a problem in verification.

Paytm for Business

24. Tap on the Sign up To accept Payments: Now after you have entered each and every detail carefully. You can finally tap on the Sign up to accept Payments options button present at the bottom of the page.

Paytm for Business

Therefore, you have successfully registered yourself to accept payments using the QR code. You can print and put up the QR code on your shop or whatever business you are operating.

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