How to Pay through QR Scan in Paytm App

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Make your payments easy and faster with Paytm's QR scan feature. Paytm offers its user to pay through QR scan, using mobile's camera to scan QR codes or UPI QR codes. This way user can transfer money to the receiver just with few taps. One can scan QR codes in newspaper, advertisements, brochures or retail products among others, to visit the linked website, view product information, participate in competitions and much more.

In this article we will show you the steps to scan QR code and pay through QR scan.

Paytm QR Code Scan to Transfer Money

Steps to pay through QR scan:

1. Open Paytm - Go to your mobile's home screen and then scroll to look for a white colored icon with Paytm written on it. Tap on the icon to Open Paytm. Pay using qr code in paytm app

2. Go to Scan - After opening Paytm, you will see a lot of options and icons on the screen. On the bottom of the screen, there will be five options, tap on the center option that says "Scan" to open camera.

Pay using qr code in paytm app

3. Scan QR Code - Once Paytm turn on mobile's camera, you will see a square-shaped scan area on your screen. Hold your phone over the QR code so that the QR code is clearly visible in the scan area. Hold it for a while so that the Paytm application scans the QR code properly. Pay using qr code in paytm app

4. Enter the Amount - Enter the amount of money that is to transferred to the receiver. Pay using qr code in paytm app

5. Tap on Pay - Tap on the Pay button positioned on the bottom of your screen in a blue box to complete the payment.

Pay using qr code in paytm app

6. Paid Successfully - The following screen will display you the details of the payment along with a congratulatory message of successful payment. Pay using qr code in paytm app

Paytm QR scan enhances the speed of the transaction. It enables user to quickly get the linked Paytm account of the receiver through QR Scan. Paytm's feature of paying through QR scan also prevents the human error that can be caused while paying through the mobile number of the receiver.

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