How to Add Promo Code in Paytm

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Paytm offers its users with huge cashback and discounts. To get this discount and cashback, one needs to add the desired promo code in Paytm. Paytm promo code helps its users with a lot of beneficial deals while paying bills, DTH recharge, buying movie tickets etc. Paytm user should always apply promo code before payment process in order to get the discount. In this article, we will show you the steps to add promo code in Paytm.

Steps to add promo code in Paytm

1. Launch Paytm - Go to your Android's home screen and then scroll to look for a white colored icon with Paytm written on it. Tap the icon to open Paytm Add promo code in Paytm

2. Perform any transaction - Process any desired transaction in Paytm for which you want to add promo code. Certain promo codes are applicable to specific transactions while others can apply for all transactions in Paytm. As per this article, we will be performing Mobile Prepaid transaction to guide you how to add promo code in Paytm. Add promo code in Paytm

3. Suggestive Promos - Following screen will show you the suggested promos that can be applied in the transaction. These suggestions will have the details of the cashback and discount along with the code itself.

Add promo code in Paytm

4. Copy code - Tap on "Copy" written in blue on the right side of the promo code. Add promo code in Paytm

5. Enter Mobile Number - Fill in the mobile number in the space given to process the mobile recharge. Add promo code in Paytm

6. Enter Amount - Enter the amount of recharge on the next screen. Add promo code in Paytm

7. Proceed to Recharge - After filling the transaction details, press on the "Proceed to Recharge" button on the bottom of the screen in blue box. Add promo code in Paytm

8. Apply Promocode - A pop up message will appear after advancing the recharge. Tap on "Apply Promocode" written on top of the pop up message. Add promo code in Paytm

9. Enter Promo code - Paste the copied promo code in the space given on the screen or type in the promo code you have and press enter. Add promo code in Paytm

10. Code Applied - You will receive a popup message of successful promo code applied along with the details of the discount.

Add promo code in Paytm

11. Complete the transaction - Finish the transaction by proceeding the payment. Add promo code in Paytm

It is very easy to apply promo codes in Paytm. All you have to do is enter the promo code while paying for the transaction. Paytm asks its user to use promo code for the transaction and suggests the available deals and cashback offers. Thus the cashback so promised by Paytm after entering the promocode will be received within next 24 hours.

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