How to Remove KYC from Paytm

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You might want to remove KYC from paytm due to many reasons like if you are uninstalling the paytm application or something is wrong with the adhaar card which you linked while completing the KYC. Just follow the step by step guide to remove KYC from paytm. You can easily remove KYC by just following the steps given below.

How to Remove KYC in Paytm

Steps to remove KYC from paytm:

1. Tap on the three horizontal lines: First of all, after you have launched your paytm application you will see three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the main page of the paytm application. Just tap on it and it will open a sidebar with a number of options. remove-kyc-from-paytm

2. Make sure your KYC is done: Now on the sidebar, you will see a blue tick just next to your profile picture and name. The blue tick indicated that your Paytm KYC is successfully done. remove-kyc-from-paytm

3. Tap on 24*7 Help: Finally, Scroll down till you see the 24*7 help option. Just tap on the help option to get help on anything.


4. Tap on the Number to call: Now you can tap on the number which is given under the Bank, Wallet & Paytm. You should always talk to the customer care number for any clarifications on paytm application. They will guide you and resolve your problem. remove-kyc-from-paytm

Hence you can call on different numbers for different issues. For example, if you have any query about Paytm Mall Shopping Orders. You should call on the number given just below the Paytm Mall Shopping Orders. Similarly, for a different type of queries, there are different numbers given. Therefore, you can remove your KYC by calling the number given.

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