How to Sign Out of YouTube on iPhone

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If you want to Sign in to YouTube from a different account or simply change your device then you need to know how to Sign out of YouTube on your iPhone.

Youtube allows you to Sign into the application with one or multiple accounts however you can only use one account at a time. Once you Sign up or log into your YouTube account you can view videos, upload videos, and enjoy the several features that the platform provides. You can also learn how to delete your YouTube account and permanently get off of YouTube.


How to Sign Out from YouTube iPhone

Sign Out of YouTube on iPhone in 4 Steps

Step-1 Open YouTube App: The initial step in the process is to open the YouTube app. You can follow one of the following ways to open the YouTube app on your device:

  • The first way you can open the app is to look for the app icon in your app library
  • Secondly, you can search for the app in your app menu
  • Also, if you don’t have the app on your iPhone then you can install it from the App Store

Once you install and sign into the app you can freely use the app and its features.

Step-2 Tap on the Profile Icon: Now, you will see the YouTube homepage. On the homepage go to the top right corner of the screen. There you will see three options:

  • Cast screen
  • Notifications
  • Search
  • Profile

Tap on the profile icon on your screen.

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Step-3 Tap on the Profile: Now you’ll be redirected to a new page. On this page, you’ll see a menu. The options that you will see are:

  • Your profile icon
  • Your channel
  • Turn on incognito
  • Add account
  • Get YouTube Premium
  • Purchases and memberships
  • Time watched
  • Settings etc.

Out of all these options tap on the Profile icon.

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Step-4 Tap on Use YouTube Signed Out: Finally, you will see a new page. On this page to complete your task, tap on the Use YouTube signed out.

Now you will be able to use YouTube as a guest without signing in, or you can also use the app with another account.

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How Do I Log Out Of YouTube Music?

Logging out or signing out of YouTube Music is similar to signing out of YouTube on a device. The steps that you can follow are:

  • Open the YouTube music app
  • Go to the profile icons on the app
  • In the profile, the menu goes to manage accounts
  • Under manage, accounts choose the account
  • Finally, tap on remove the account

Why Can’t I Log Out of My YouTube Account?

There is a simple process that you can follow to sign out of YouTube on your iPhone. But if you are facing a problem in this process it might be because of the following reasons:

  • If you can not view the sign-out button then it might be possible that you are using a website version on the platform. On a website, you can not sign out of the account.
  • It is also possible that you have not signed into the app in the first place. It can also be possible that you are using Youtube as a guest user.
  • There is also a possibility that your Automatic Signing in option is turned on.

Is There a Way To Log Out of YouTube Without Logging out of All Accounts?

To sign into a YouTube account you need a Google account. This is similar to other apps like Gmail, Facebook, Google meet, etc. where you need a google account.

Currently, there is no way to log out of youtube without logging out of other apps powered by Google. The process of logging out on all these apps is similar for example you can learn how to Sign out of Gmail.


How to Sign out of Youtube on All Devices?

Youtube is a popular app and it is used by millions of people across the globe daily. Some people use multiple accounts and also use the YouTube app on multiple devices. To Sign out of Youtube on all devices:

  • Go to Google Account
  • In the account settings go to Manage accounts
  • Here you will see all your accounts, choose the account
  • Tap on remove account
  • Further, choose the option that says remove the account from all devices

Can We Use YouTube Without an Account?

Even though it is not possible to use YouTube without a Google Account. However, if you download a VPN then you will be able to view videos without signing in.

But using YouTube without an account strips you of some features offered by the platform. You can not comment on videos, like videos, or use other features like subscribing and turning on notifications.

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