How to Adjust Playback Speed on Youtube

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Youtube allows its users to adjust playback speed on YouTube. Adjusting the playback speed on the Youtube app can be quite helpful in your understanding of the video. Various options are available to change the playback speed of a video. You can easily slow down or fasten the video at your convenience. It helps the students a lot while they're watching any conceptual or theoretical video of a subject. They can easily slow down the video if the concept is difficult to understand. And therefore, it's a very good feature of the Youtube app. You can also watch the YouTube videos offline. For that purpose, you have to first download them to your device.

UPLOAD Videos on YouTube

Adjust Playback Speed on Youtube in 5 Steps

Step-1 Open the Youtube App: This is the first on foremost step of the process. Find the Youtube app on your device and click on the Youtube icon to proceed.

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Step-2 Tap on the Video: Now, click or tap on the video that you want to watch on the Youtube app.

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Step-3 Now Tap on 'Settings: icon: You can easily find the settings icon on the top right+most corner of the screen. It is the normal settings icon. Just click on that icon.

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.Step-4 Click on 'Playback Speed': Now, click on the option that says 'Playback speed'. By default, the playback speed is said to be the normal speed. Normal speed means the original speed of the video.

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Step-5 Choose the Playback Speed: Then, in the final step, choose the playback speed that you want to apply to a video from the list in front of you on the screen. After choosing, YouTube will apply that particular speed to the video you are watching

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What Are The Different Playback Speeds Available On The Youtube App?

The different playback speeds available on the Youtube app are 0.25x. 0.5x and 0.75x to make the speed of the video slow. And, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x to make the speed of the video faster than normal. The users can choose among any of these speeds to make the speed of the video convenient to watch for them.

Can We Skip All The Ads On The Youtube App?

You can skip most of the ads after 5 seconds on the YouTube app. But there are some ads that you can not skip. You have to watch these ads completely for almost 20 seconds. Instead of ads, Youtube sometimes asks survey questions also. As soon as you choose the answer of the question from the list, the ad disappears. Youtube ads are sometimes very irritating. You can buy a Youtube subscription if you want to avoid these ads.

Can We Stop ads On Youtube?

there are several ways to stop ads on YouTube. These ways are tried and tested by various YouTube users. Different users have to try different approaches to stop the YouTube ads. For example, iPhone users can use the content blocker on the Safari app to block Youtube ads. Android users in watch videos with the help web browser. And, desktop users can use the third-party extension pages.

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