How to Download Youtube Data

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Youtube contains a significant amount of personal data and interests of a person and so, one should know how to download youtube data.

Youtube is more than just an app where you can easily watch videos.

You already know that you can easily download videos from Youtube. Let us surprise you! Now, you can also download audio from the Youtube app.

But, meanwhile, let's learn how to download youtube data in 7 easy steps in the article below.

YouTube Settings You Need To Update

Download youtube data in 7 Steps

Step-1 Open Youtube app: To save Youtube data, you have to first open the Youtube app. This is the initial and the most basic step.

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Step-2 Tap on your profile picture: Then, click on the profile picture icon that is present on your screen as shown in the picture below.

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Step-3 Click on 'Your data in Youtube': Now, in the list that appears on your screen. There will be an option that says 'Your data on Youtube'. Click on this option.

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Step-4 Click on ‘checkbox' to select the data: Tick or select the check-box that says 'Youtube and Youtube Music'.It will select all your Youtube data.

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Step-5 Click on 'Download youtube data': Now, in this step, you have to click on the 'Download Youtube Data' option.

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Step-6 Click on 'Next Step': Besides the Show More Products option, there will be a button with the title 'Next Step' in blue color. Click on 'Next Step'.

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Step-7 Click on 'Create export': Finally, click on 'Create Export'. It will export all your data from the Youtube app to your device and all your Youtube data will be downloaded.

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How Can We Download Youtube Videos on Our Device?

The videos that you download from Youtube will be present in the 'Downloads' section of the Youtube app. You can easily access them from there. Also, you can download the videos in the following steps:

  • Open Youtube App.
  • Search for the video from the search bar.
  • Click on the video to play it.
  • Tap on the 'Download' button.
  • Finally, choose the quality of the video for download.

Now, your video will start downloading.

Does It Take a Lot Of Time To Download a Youtube Video?

The speed of downloading a Youtube video depends on various factors.

First of all, it depends on the size of the video that you want to download.

It takes less time to download videos of small size.

The download speed of Youtube videos also depends upon the speed of your internet connection.

If you have a high-speed internet connection or a good Wi-Fi connection, your videos will be downloaded faster.

If You Are a Beginner, Then How Can a Youtube Channel Be Beneficial For You?

YouTube is a very popular platform to showcase your talent and skills to the world.

You can also use the Youtube app to grow and scale your business.

It has a very diverse and large audience as well as users.

It's my looks difficult to grow your channel at first. But, with time you start enjoying the process along with success.

How Can We Create A Youtube Channel?

You can very easily create a Youtube channel in the following steps:

  • Open your browser.
  • Open YouTube in your browser.
  • Click on your profile photo.
  • Then, click on 'My channel'.
  • Enter the name of the channel.
  • Click on 'Create channel'.
  • then click on 'Customize channel'.
  • After customization, upload a video.
  • Add a section and then choose a layout.

Other changes you can make in your channel whenever you want.

Is It Important To Select Layout While Making a Youtube Channel?

If you are making your YouTube channel for the first time. Then, it is very important to select the layout of a channel in the last step. It determines how your channel will look to your audience.

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