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To download videos on Youtube is not a very hectic process. You just have to get to know some simple steps. The downloading of a Youtube video requires some amount data connection. And, if you want to download your Youtube video in very high quality then you must require very fast data connection or a Wi-Fi connection.

Sometimes while you are watching a Youtube video and it ends, then Youtube starts playing the next video by itself. This is the auto-play feature of the app. You can stop Youtube from playing the next video but disabling this option in Youtube settings.

Download Videos on Youtube in 5 Steps

Step-1 Open Youtube app: you might already be aware of the first step of the process. It is to open the Youtube app on your device.

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Step-2 Tap on the video: Now, click on the video that you want to download. It will open the video on your screen and it will start playing.

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Step-3 Click on the ‘Download’ icon: in the given options below the video, you will see the 'Download' option in between the share and the clip option. Click on the 'Download' option to download the video.

Image titled download videos on Youtube step 3

Step-4 Choose the quality for your video: Now, choose the quality in which you want to download your video. It will also show how much data will be required to download the video and how much space will it take on your device.

Image titled download videos on Youtube step 4

Step-5 Click on 'Download': Then, again click on the DOWNLOAD button. Your video will now start downloading.

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How Can We Increase Our Subscribers On The Youtube App?

If you have your own Youtube channel, then you must obviously want to gain a large number of subscribers for the success of your channel. There is no shortcut to increase the subscribers. You have to work hard and deliver quality content on your channel.

Also, You should make videos on topics that interest a large number of people. And, you should also learn proper promoting techniques to promote your videos. You can also collaborate with other YouTubers for the promotion of your channel.

Is It Possible To Go Live on the Youtube App?

YouTube app has the live option. With the help of this option, you can go live on the Youtube app. Going live has many benefits for YouTubers. By going live on the Youtube app the Youtubers can interact with their subscribers.

Any person can watch the live session on the channel, no matter if they have subscribed the channel or not. You can also do a question and answer session with your subscribers by going live.

Can We Go Live on Youtube on Any Device?

Yes, you can go live on the Youtube app with the help of any device. It can be your phone, laptop, PC or even tablet. But, the device much have a camera and a microphone or speaker. You can also present your screen while you are in a live session on the Youtube app.


For Old YouTube App

YouTube is now the most popular service by Google. It is even most used service after Google search engine. It provides billions of videos and users are watching contents on their choice.

Sometimes, we can’t watch our video due to the less internet connectivity. So you can download YouTube videos that you can watch it later.

Steps to download YouTube videos

You can download videos on both Desktop browser and mobile. Let’s check out how you can download YouTube videos on your mobile.

How to download YouTube videos on Mobile app

Youtube has its own app for Android and IOS devices. YouTube doesn’t allow you to download its videos but they understand that to watch YouTube videos, you need a good internet connection.

So, Google added a new feature in YouTube app that you can download the video and watch it without any internet connection.

Follow these steps to download YouTube videos legally:

  1. Open the app: Open ‘YouTube’ app on your phone. Android phones already have inbuilt YouTube app.
    download Tube videos
  2. Search a video: You can search videos in search tab at the top right corner. Write down and search.
    download Tube videos
  3. Choose the video: Select the video you want to download.
    download Tube videos
  4. Tap on ‘download’ option: you can see the download option below the video. Tap on it to download.
    download Tube videos
  5. Choose the quality: A new box will pop up where you will choose the option that in which quality, you want to download this video. You will see the options such as 4K, 1080P, 720P, 480P,360P,280P etc. You can choose according to the size. Good quality will take more size. Tap ok to confirm it. Your video is now downloading.
    download Tube videos

How to find downloaded videos

After downloading the video, you can watch it that time. If you want to watch it later, then you can find it in downloading section.

Here are the quick steps:

  1. Tap ‘library’ option: Tap on ‘library’ option in the right corner at the bottom.
  2. Tap ‘downloads’ option: Now tap the option of ‘download’ below the history option. Here you can find your all downloaded videos.

You can even use third-party app but it’s better to have downloaded videos in your YouTube app. YouTube doesn’t allow any app to download videos.

How to download YouTube videos on Desktop

You cannot download videos from YouTube legally on desktop. YouTube doesn’t provide the offline video feature in desktop version. It’ s only available on the mobile app.

You can still use a third-party app to download the videos. We don’t claim that you should download it or not because according to YouTube, it’ illegal.

Here are the steps to download YouTube video using the third-party app:

  1. Download third-party app: There are many apps and website which provides the facility of downloading the YouTube videos. Install it on your desktop.
    download Tube videos
  2. Open YouTube: Open ‘YouTube’ in your desktop browser. 
    download Tube videos
  3. Search a video: Search video in search tab at the top right corner.
    download Tube videos
  4. Select the video: Select the video for download.
    download Tube videos
  5. Copy the URL: Now copy the URL of this video which is on the top of the website link or you can take it from sharing option. Click on the share option below the video. Here you will get a link. Copy it.
    download Tube videos
  6. Open the app: Open the app. Here, we are using YouTube downloader app but you can try another app also.
    download Tube videos
  7. Add the video URL: Paste the URL in ‘video URL’ box. 
    download Tube videos
  8. Select the quality of the video: You can choose the quality such as 1080P, 720P, 480P in ‘video quality’ option.
    download Tube videos
  9. Click on ‘save to’ option: Click on ‘save to’ option to save your video in a particular folder. Choose it.
    download Tube videos
  10. Click on ‘download’: Click on ‘download’ option at the bottom right corner.
    download Tube videos

Here you can download YouTube video easily. Check it in the folder, you have selected for download.

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