How to play YouTube video in screen off

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Are you trying to play YouTube with your screen off but can’t understand how to, then this article will help you to learn How to play YouTube video on screen off in 7 easy steps.

As soon as you lock your phone, the video you were watching on YouTube will stop streaming. Any song or video you are playing will stop or pause when you lock your phone. This upsets its users because they can no longer download YouTube videos or play them with their screens off, so let's get started to learn how to resolve this issue.

How to play YouTube video when the phone is locked

Play YouTube video on screen off in 7 Easy steps

Step-1 Open Chrome Application: First thing first, Open the Chrome browser application on your device.

You can find the app in your app gallery or can download the app from the App store or Play store depending upon the device you are using.

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Step 2 Search YouTube: After you open chrome, tap on the search bar and type '' in the search field. Once done, click on go.

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Step-3 Click On The Arrow Option: Tap on the first webpage and the page opens up. Tap on the 'arrow' option in the upper right corner of your chrome page.

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Step-4 Click on desktop site: After you tap on the 'arrow' option, you will see options like' Translate'- it will translate the language for you, 'add to home screen'-will add the application to the home screen of your device.

From the list of options visible, click on 'desktop site.'

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Step-5 Click On Video: Now for the next step choose any video that you want to play in the background when your screen is off.

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Step-6 Press The Home Key: Then go back to your home screen by pressing the 'home key' button located at the bottom of your screen.

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Step-7 Play the Video: Swipe down the notification panel which is the panel that contains WIFI, Bluetooth, or flight mode options, and play that video by tapping on the 'play' button.

Now you will be able to play the video or listen to YouTube even with your screens off.

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How To Play a YouTube Video on Screen off on iPhone?

You can play YouTube with the screen off on your iPhone too. Let's look at the steps to do that:

  • Open Safari and click on the search tab.
  • Search for YouTube and then tap an icon at the lower-left corner of the screen
  • Choose Request Desktop Website and now select the video that you want to play 
  • After the video starts playing, go to Full-Screen Mode on YouTube, and now without pausing the video, Exit to your home screen.
  • Now, swipe up to open the control center and then click on the Play button

How To Watch YouTube video In Picture-in-Picture mode on Desktop?

Start by launching YouTube in a browser tab and then play a video and right-click the video pane. You'll see a context menu right-click another time, and you'll see an option of Picture in picture. Select it, and the video should load in picture-in-picture mode instantly.

You can hold and drag the PiP pane to move it to any desktop area, and it will then stay on top of all other applications you are using.

Can YouTube Videos Be Downloaded?

YouTube allows you to download YouTube videos for free to watch offline which can be found in offline videos on YouTube’s main page.

But unfortunately, you can not download YouTube videos directly to your phone and If you want to do so then you need to use third-party applications to download them directly to your phone.

How To Play YouTube with Screen off via Browser?

  • Open Google Chrome on your Android phone.
  • Navigate to and tap the three-dot menu on your browser and tap on Desktop Site.
  • On YouTube desktop mode, play the video of your choice.
  • Now tap the home key on your phone to minimize the browser. You will now be able to play the video with the screen off.

How To Play YouTube Music in Background Without Premium?

You need to use desktop site mode to play songs in the background. Here is how you can do that.

  • Open your browser and go to 
  • Now tap on the three-dot menu icon and select Desktop site to open YouTube in desktop mode.
  • You can now play a song of your choice and go back to the home screen to open another app
  • The video will still be playing even if you are using another application.

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