How to embed YouTube videos

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You can embed YouTube videos easily on your blog and websites. Embedding helps to generate the larger audiences. It obviously boosts your YouTube content.

Let’s learn how you can embed your YouTube video.

Steps to embed YouTube videos

You can embed YouTube videos only on desktop. You cannot use it on your mobile app.

Here are the steps to embed YouTube videos:

  1. Open your browser: Open your preferred browser.
  2. Open YouTube: Open YouTube and sign in with your Gmail account.
  3. Search the video: Now search the video in search tab at the top.
  4. Choose the video: Choose your video, you want to use for embed.
  5. Click on share option: Now you will see the share option under the video in left corner. Click on it. When you will do it, a new box will pop up.
  6. Click on ‘embed’: Now click on the embed option in the right corner at first in the line of other social media sites.
  7. Click on ‘start at’ option: Now you will see a new box with the video. In the left side, you can play the video. Click on ‘start at’ option in the right and type the time there. You can set the time that user will watch the specific part of the video.
  8. Change embed options if you want: You can see embed option where you can choose on your preference by clicking right on the option.
  9. Click on ‘copy’: Now press copy option at bottom of the box. The link will be copied which you can choose for the embed. You can copy the link from the top of the box. This HTML link is only for embed. You cannot use main YouTube link.

Now use this link in your blog or website, user can watch the video directly on the website. This is the best way to promote YouTube videos on blogs and websites.

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