How to Enable Captions on Youtube Videos

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To enable captions on Youtube videos can be very beneficial if you are watching the video in a language with which you are not very familiar.

It is a very short and really easy process.

Generally, captions are available in only one language, that is English, on the Youtube app.

But, sometimes, you might get the captions in Hindi also.

In the same way, you can also enable or disable the captions in the Google Meet app.

Meanwhile, learn how to enable captions on Youtube videos and become a Youtube Pro!

Add Subtitles on YouTube Videos

Enable captions on Youtube videos in 4 Steps

Step-1 Open the Youtube app: To watch a Youtube video, you have to first open the Youtube app.

So, before doing anything else, go to the menu of your device and open the Youtube app from there.

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Step-2 Tap on the video: Now simply search for the video that you want to watch with captions.

After searching the video, click on the video so that it starts playing.

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Step-3 Now, tap on the ‘CC' icon: While the video is playing, you will see the 'CC' option on the interface of the video itself.

The icon looks like CC written in a square box. Click on that icon.

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Step-4 Captions will be visible on the video: And, that's it! That was the process. You have now successfully enabled captions on your Youtube video.

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Can We Also Disable the Captions on Youtube Videos?

If you have turned on the captions, but now they are looking very irritating to you and you want to turn them off.

Then you can do that very easily. You simply have to click on the 'CC' icon again. And, it will turn the captions off for your video.

This means that is completely the choice of the users whether they want captions on their video or not.

Can We See The Comments On a Youtube Video?

Comments in the YouTube app are a way for the users to give their feedback to the channel.

Comments can be both positive and negative. The owner of the channel can choose to enable or disable the comments on a video.

Any person can report a comment if they find the comment offensive or abusive.

Also, anyone can easily see all the comments on Youtube videos.

In this way, they can get to know a lot about the video even before watching the actual video.

Is It Possible To Permanently Delete Our Youtube Account?

Yes, the users of Youtube can delete their Youtube account anytime they want to discontinue using the app.

The account contains confidential information and data about the user.

Therefore, we advised you to not share your account with anyone who is unreliable. And, delete the account as soon as you want to stop using the app.

Is Youtube Safe To Use?

You do not have to worry even a little bit while using the YouTube app. Because YouTube cares a lot about the privacy of its users and also it has a very good user privacy policy.

It also maintains the security of confidential data. It is a very user-friendly app.

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