How to Delete YouTube Watch History

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According to the YouTuber's user database in 2021, approx. 459 million people in India use YouTube.

YouTube has become a part of everyone’s daily life. From watching it for entertainment to watching it to learn something. It is very useful. Isn’t it? YouTube provides you with many features. YouTube allows you to check YouTube history so that you can catch up on what you saw in the past. It also allows you to delete YouTube watch history in case you don’t need it.

Also, YouTube stores your watch history only when you are signed in with your Google account.

So, if you wanna know how you can delete your watch history then you have landed on the right page. Below are the steps explaining how to delete YouTube watch history both on desktop and on mobile.

How to Clear All Watch History on YouTube

Delete YouTube Watch History in 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open YouTube: Open YouTube on your device in order to delete your watch history.

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Step-2 Go to Account/Profile: Once you open the YouTube, you can see a profile icon in the top right corner of your screen as shown below. You just have to click on that.

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Step-3 Click on Settings: After clicking on the profile icon you will see a list of options. From this list of options, you have to click on settings.

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Step-4 Go to History and Privacy: In settings, you will see another list of options. You have to click on this option in order to move forward.

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Step-5 Click on Clear Watch History: In history and privacy you will see an option of "Clear watch history" at the top. Click on the option.

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Step-6 Click on Clear Watch History: Again, a dialogue box will appear for your confirmation and a warning to make sure that you want to delete your watch history or not. Click on "Clear watch history" again and your watch history will be deleted from your account on all devices.

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What if I Do Not Want to Store Watch History on YouTube?

YouTube stores all your watch history by default but if you don't want your YouTube watch history to be stored you can simply pause YouTube watch history and then it will stop storing your watch history. You can resume it whenever you want.

Can I Delete YouTube Search History too?

Yes, you can delete your YouTube search history too by following a similar procedure. In the fourth step, you just have to select clear search history and all the other procedure is the same as mentioned in the article. YouTube allows you to delete any particular search history individually one by one. Or you can also delete the entire search history.

Will Deleting Watch History Also Delete my Personalized Playlists Made on YouTube?

No, deleting YouTube watch or search history will not delete any of your playlists that you have made on YouTube. You can make a playlist on YouTube without any fear of deleting the playlist. It deletes only when you yourself delete it. Your watch history has no relationship with any of your personalized playlists.

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