How to Subscribe a Youtube Channel

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To subscribe a youtube channel has its own benefits. Youtube is a very popular video-streaming app both in India as well as worldwide with millions of users. It comes as an in-built app in the latest Android devices like smartphones and tablets.

It has various channels and you can subscribe to a youtube channel that you like. The subscription to a particular Youtube channel is free and it doesn't cost even a single penny. After subscribing, you can get the latest notifications about a channel and its latest videos.

You can also check your youtube history on both mobile as well as desktop devices. Let's learn how to subscribe to a youtube channel in the article below.

How To Subscribe On YouTube

Subscribe a Youtube Channel in 3 Steps

Step-1 Open Youtube App: The first step is to open the Youtube app on whichever device you are using. For this, just tap on the Youtube icon from the menu of your device.

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Step-2 Tap on the Video: Then, tap on the video to whose channel you want to subscribe.

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Step-3 Now Tap on 'Subscribe': Below the name of that YouTube video, you will see the name of the channel. Beside the name of the channel, you will the option that says 'SUBSCRIBE' in red color. Just click on the 'SUBSCRIBE' option. And then, that option will start showing SUBSCRIBED which means that you have not subscribed to the channel.

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How To Get Notifications When The Channel Posts A New Video?

If you want to get the latest notifications when the channel posts a new video is Youtube short. Then, you can simply click on the bell icon.

Clicking on the bell icon will always give you a notification whenever the subscribed channel posts a new video or any other activity happens on the channel. It also gives a notification when the channel comes live.

Is Youtube Subscription Free Or We Have To Pay For It?

The subscription to the YouTube app is not free. You have to buy a YouTube subscription by paying some amount of money. The YouTube subscription costs rupees 139 per month.

Youtube also gives monthly and yearly subscription plans. The users can choose from renewal or non-renewal subscription plans. The quarterly plan of the Youtube app causes rupees 399.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying The Youtube Subscription?

The YouTube subscription comes with a lot of benefits. First of all, you can watch all the videos without any ads. Yes, you heard that right! No ads are there on the Youtube subscription.

You can also access all the paid content and courses for free with a Youtube subscription. There are many other benefits also. Different benefits come with different plans.

Can We Check The Subscribers On Our Youtube Channel?

Yes, the owner of the channel can see all the subscribers of the YouTube channel. Any other person other than the owner of the channel, can not see the names of the subscribers. It is very easy to see the subscribers on the Youtube channel. You just have to follow some short and easy steps.

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