How to Enable Reminders on Youtube

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Reminders are a great way to be effective and not miss any particular deadline.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to enable reminders on Youtube.

Yes, you read that right! There are reminders in the Youtube app and you can easily enable or disable them whenever you want.

The Youtube reminders are particularly for your well-being if you are enjoying a long binge-watch session on Youtube.

To keep a record of the videos you have watched so far, you can check your Youtube history.

But, remember that too much strain can be harmful to your eyes.

So let's learn how to enable reminders on Youtube with the help of this article.

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Enable reminders on Youtube in 6 Steps

Step-1 Open the Youtube App: To enable a reminder on the Youtube app, you first have to open the YouTube app on your device.

This is very obvious. So, open click on the Youtube icon to open the app.

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Step-2 Tap on Your Profile Picture: Then, from the top right-most corner of the screen, click on your profile picture.

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Step-3 Now Tap on ‘Settings’: After clicking on your profile picture in the previous step, you will get a list of options.

From the given options, choose 'Settings'.

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Step-4 Click on ‘General’: After opening settings, click on the option that says 'General'.

It will open up all the general app settings related to Youtube on your screen.

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Step-5 Click Toggle on for ‘Remind me to Take a Break’: Now, simply turn on the first toggle that says 'Remind me to take a break'.

Image titled enable reminders  on Youtube step 5

Step-6 Click toggle on for 'Remind me when it's bedtime': Finally, turn on the second toggle that says 'Remind me when it's bedtime.

Now you will get a reminder in both cases.

Image titled enable reminders  on Youtube step 6

What Are The Different Types of Reminders On Youtube?

The different types of reminders on YouTube are for the well-being and good health of its users.

In particular, the first reminder is to remind the user to take a break while continuously watching Youtube videos for a long time.

The second reminder is to remind the users that it is already bedtime and they should keep their phones aside and sleep.

Is It Possible To Stop Ads On Youtube?

No doubt, Youtube ads are very irritating, especially when you are desperately wanting to watch some latest video or song.

Most of you have at least wondered once if there is a way to stop ads on the YouTube app.

Let us tell you that you can stop ads on the Youtube app. iPhone users can do this with the help of the Safari app content blocker.

And, android users can open Youtube on the web browser to avoid ads to some extent.

Can We Watch a Complete Movie On Youtube?

You can watch a movie on Youtube if it is available on some Youtube channel.

But most of the time it is not possible.

Youtube does not have complete movies. And even if complete movies are there, their quality is very poor.

Apart from the movies, Youtube movie songs, trailers, and even teasers.

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