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You can check your YouTube history by following a few steps. YouTube allows users to view their past searches up to a certain time. You can even find watches videos through the library.

YouTube users can also delete YouTube browsing history at their convenience. Everything related to their watched videos can be located in the library section of the app.

Here is a detailed guide on how you can check YouTube history on your device by following simple steps.

How To View Watch History YouTube iPhone

4 Steps to Check YouTube History on the App

Step-1 Open Youtube App: First, open the device containing the YouTube app. You can find the app through the search bar on your device. Once you find it click on the app icon to open it.

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Step-2 Find Library Icon: On the front page, Scroll down to find the library option. Click or tap on the library icon located at the bottom right corner.

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Step-3 Click on History: On the new page, find the history option. It will be located on the top of the page above the 'your videos' option. Click on this icon with a watch.

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Step-4 Find Your Search History: Your search history will now be visible, if you want to search any particular video, tap on the search bar above. All searches will have the relevant dates.

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Can I Delete The Search History On YouTube?

YouTube users can delete their search histories on the app. You can simply navigate to your profile settings and clear your search history completely.

YouTube also has the option of individually deleting your search history. You can delete individually delete search history on YouTube by clicking on the '×' sign beside each search.

Remember that you can not have your youtube history back once you delete it. Therefore, you should think carefully before deleting it from your account.

Can I Remove Channels from Recommendation?

YouTube generally recommends a lot of new channels based on your preferences. However, if you don't want to see a channel appear on your feed, you can remove it from recommendations.

You have to go to the video of the channel on your feed and find the 'Don't recommend this channel' from the three dots icon. You can also remove any particular video from recommendations.

To remove single videos from being recommended, you have to select the 'not interested' option from the three dots icon. You will be recommended other videos from the channel except these.

You can block a channel if you never want to see their videos.

Can I Change My Profile Picture on YouTube?

YouTube users can change their profile pictures on the app whenever they want. By default, a silhouette of a person is set as the profile picture.

You can go to your profile settings and change the picture to add your own. You can select a picture from your gallery and upload it for the profile photo.

Your profile picture can be anything from a selfie to a quote. You can also change your username on YouTube through the profile settings.

For Old App Users

Most of us watch YouTube videos a lot whenever we want. Sometimes, we forget the recent video we had seen. We want to watch it again but we forget the title so you can go in the YouTube history to check your all recent watched videos.

Let’s see how you can check YouTube history.

How to steps to check YouTube history on Desktop

  1. Open your browser: Open your preferred browser.
    check YouTube history
  2. Open YouTube: Open YouTube and sign in with your Gmail account.
    check YouTube history
  3. Click on ‘history’: Click on the option ‘history’ at the left corner in the library section. Here you can search your YouTube video, you have recently watched.
    check YouTube history
  4. Click on ‘search history’: Click on the option ‘search history’ at the right corner.
    Here you can see how many channels you have seen and what you have recently searched on YouTube.
    check YouTube history
    you can again see all searches videos and directly go to the YouTube channel.
  5. Click on ‘comments’: Click on ‘comment’ option to see your recent comments on YouTube videos.
    check YouTube history

See, this is how you can check YouTube history. You can remove the videos from search history. You just need to click on the cross mark on the right side of the video and search.

How to check YouTube history through mobile App

You can check YouTube history from your mobile app as well. Android devices have the inbuilt YouTube app but IOS users have to download it first.

  1. Open YouTube: Open YouTube app and sign in with your Gmail account.
    check YouTube history
  2. Tap on ‘library’: Tap on the ‘library’ option in the right corner at the bottom.
    check YouTube history
  3. Tap ‘history’: Tap on the option of ‘history’ to view your YouTube videos, you recently watched.
    check YouTube history
  4. Tap on search tab: You can search video in search watch history at the top. Here, you can search your recently watched video.
    check YouTube history

When you open library, recently watched will already showcase on the top. You can find all the videos by swiping right or left. This is how you can search for YouTube history.

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