How to Delete Search History on YouTube App

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You must have see the suggestions that came every time you went to the search bar and start writing something that you want to see. The suggestions come due to the search history the get stored after every search on YouTube. You can check YouTube history and delete YouTube search history anytime you want.

It is advised that one should clear stuffs like caches and history from their apps because this may cause your app or phone to become slow down or might start getting hanged.

If you are wondering how you can delete the search history on YouTube then you must go through this easy 6 steps guide.

Delete YouTube Search History in 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open YouTube: Open the app section in your mobile phone and search for YouTube to open it.

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Step-2 Go to Account/Profile: The YouTube app stores search history when you are logged in with your google account.

  • So, when you open YouTube, you will see an icon with your google profile photo on YouTube homepage.
  • That is the Profile Icon. Click on it to move forward to the next step.
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Step-3 Click on Settings: The image shown below shows a list of options that will come after you click on the Account/Profile Icon. You have to choose the "settings" option from that list.

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Step-4 Click on History And Privacy: After going into the settings part, you will again see a couple of options. From those options, you have to go for "History and privacy".

  • This is because we want to delete the search history so it must be under the settings of history and privacy.
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Step-5 Click on Clear Search History: After going to the history and privacy setting we come to the step where we have to click on the option of "clear search history".

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Step-6 Click on Clear Search History Again: Now, a confirmation box will appear to confirm that do you really want to delete YouTube search history.

  • The warning states that it will delete the search history from every device you have logged in from you google account.
  • After understanding the warning, if you still choose to delete it then you have to click on "Clear search history" again as shown below.
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What if I Want To Change The Suggestions That YouTube Suggests Me?

You can rest your YouTube suggestions by deleting all the old histories like search history and watch history as mentioned in this guide. This will remove previous suggestions and will make new suggestions based on your new activities on YouTube.

Can We Delete Search History of All the Apps Like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram?

Yes, most of the apps do provide the option of clearing search history like you can clear search history in LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. This is because after some time the old search history is of no use and just increases the unnecessary cache in the app. So, its good to delete your history from apps once in a while just to clean your apps from keeping any kind of junk.

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