How to Get Verified on YouTube

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Verification on YouTube is the next version when you create your channel. You have started the channel and you want to get verified on YouTube to get extra features on YouTube. this process is simple but it comes with two points

  1. Verification by number
  2. Verification badges

Verification badges is not an easy task to get. YouTube give the verification badges to only selected YouTube creators. You can verify your number only which can help you in some features provided by YouTube.

Let’s learn how to get verified on YouTube.

Get Verified on YouTube

Steps to get verified on YouTube account

You can get verified on YouTube account on desktop and mobile both. This option is not available on YouTube App. let’s see the quick steps for the verification:

  1. Open your browser: Open your preferred browser.
  2. Open YouTube: Open YouTube and sign in with your Gmail account.
  3. Click on the profile icon: Click on your profile icon at the top right corner.
  4. Click ‘settings’: You will see the option ‘settings’ in the end. Click on it.
  5. Click ‘view additional features’: A new page will open. In account section, you can see an option in the middle ‘view additional features’.

Note: If you own a channel then you can follow these quick options to get there fast through creator studio. 

  1. Open YouTube: Open YouTube and sign in with your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the profile icon: Click on your profile icon at the top right corner.
  3. Click on ‘creator studio’: Now open your creator studio. Other YouTube accounts also get ‘creator studio’ option but they have to create a channel first.
  4. Click on ‘channel’: You can see few options in the left corner. Click on ‘channel’ option.So on channels, you just need to open ‘creator studio’.
  5. Click on ‘verify’: You can see your channel or account name at the top. Click on ‘verify’ option in the blue box. If you are using YouTube account only then it will ask you to create a channel first. Create channel and continue the process.
  6. Select your country: Now verification page will open. It will ask you to select the country. Choose your country such as India +91.
  7. Choose the verification code option: Now choose the verification code option next. You can select call function or can select text message option. Text option is the best one. Pick any one and it will take you to step 2.
  8. Enter your phone number: Now type your phone number to get the verification code.
  9. Enter your verification code: Google will send you a verification code on your number. copy it and type it here in the box.
  10. Click ‘continue’: Now click on ‘continue’ option to complete the process. Your number has been verified.

What benefits you will get after verification? 

You will get some benefits on YouTube that will help you to grow your channel. Let’s take a quick look here:

  • Long videos: Now you can upload videos more than 15 minutes. It will help you to upload longer videos and it will definitely help you in the monetization.
  • Custom thumbnails: You can get the option to upload custom images as the thumbnail for your YouTube video.
  • External links: You can now place other outside website’s link in your video. It will be helpful to grow your channel.  
  • Unlisted and private videos: Now you can set the limit for the video for the listed viewers.

How to get Verification Badges?

Let’s talk about the next step if you want to see verification badge on your YouTube channel. Google have set few parameters for the creators to get the verification badges. This process is not as simple as the phone verification.

  • YouTube give the verification badges only to established creators.
  • If your channel belongs to an official brand or organization, you can get it.
  • If you have touched the 100,000 subscribers mark, you’re eligible to submit a request to YouTube for a verification badge, according to Google.
  • Verification badges never grant access to the additional features on YouTube.
  • If you get the verification badge and you don’t follow the community guidelines, you will lose the badge.
  • Google have set some rules on verification badges, you can read all the guidelines on its website.

So that’s how you can get the verification badges, by completing the eligibility to the terms and the conditions. If you are establishing very well on YouTube, then you can easily get the verification badges.

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