How to turn off recommendations on YouTube

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In today's digital age, YouTube has become a go-to platform for entertainment, information, and connecting with the world. With millions of videos at your fingertips, it's easy to get lost in a never-ending stream of content. However, have you ever found yourself endlessly clicking on recommended videos, losing track of time, and wondering how you ended up there?

If you're seeking a way to regain control over your YouTube experience, it's time to learn how to turn off recommendations. By taking charge of the content that appears on your screen, you can focus on the videos that truly matter to you, save time, and maintain a healthier online balance.

Turn off recommendations on YouTube: 5 Steps

Step 1: Open YouTube app - Launch the YouTube application on your mobile device or navigate to the YouTube website on your computer.

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Step 2: Tap your profile pic - Locate your profile picture or avatar in the top right corner of the screen. It represents your account settings.

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Step 3: Go to settings - Tap on your profile picture to access a dropdown menu. From the menu options, select "Settings." This will take you to the YouTube settings page.

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Step 4: Go to notification - On the YouTube settings page, find and select the "Notifications" tab. This section controls the various types of notifications you receive from YouTube.

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Step 5: Now you can turn off recommendations - Within the Notifications tab, look for the option related to recommendations. This setting might be labeled as "Recommended videos" or "Recommended content." Toggle the switch to turn off recommendations.

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By following these simple steps, you can effectively turn off recommendations on YouTube. By reducing the influence of algorithmically generated content, you regain control over your viewing habits and tailor your YouTube experience to your preferences. Remember, you have the power to curate your content, explore new channels through subscriptions, and enjoy a more intentional and personalized journey on YouTube.


  • Fine-tune Your Subscription Feed:
    • Instead of relying on recommendations, create a curated experience by subscribing to channels that align with your interests. This ensures that you receive content directly from your preferred sources.
  • Utilize Customized Playlists:
    • Take control of your YouTube experience by creating playlists tailored to your specific interests. By organizing videos into playlists, you can enjoy a more focused viewing session without being distracted by unrelated recommendations.
  • Clear Browsing History:
    • Occasionally, YouTube recommendations are based on your browsing history. To ensure a fresh start and avoid personalized recommendations, consider clearing your YouTube browsing history periodically.


Will turning off recommendations affect my YouTube experience?

Disabling recommendations will prevent YouTube from suggesting videos based on your viewing habits. However, you can still discover new content through subscriptions and search.

Can I re-enable recommendations in the future?

Yes, you can easily enable recommendations again by following the same steps and toggling the switch back on.

Will turning off recommendations affect the visibility of my own videos?

No, disabling recommendations only affects the videos suggested to you. Your own uploaded videos will still be visible to others and appear in search results.

Does turning off recommendations impact ads on YouTube?

Disabling recommendations does not directly affect ads. YouTube may still show ads based on other factors, such as your location or demographics.

Will turning off recommendations improve my privacy?

While disabling recommendations can reduce data collection related to your viewing habits, it does not guarantee complete privacy. Consider additional measures, such as adjusting privacy settings and using browser extensions, for enhanced privacy.

Can I customize the types of recommendations I receive?

Currently, YouTube does not provide granular control over specific types of recommendations. Disabling recommendations turns off the entire feature.

Can I turn off recommendations on the YouTube website?

Yes, the process to turn off recommendations is similar on both the YouTube app and website. Access the settings and navigate to the notification section to disable recommendations.

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