How to Access Downloaded Videos on Youtube

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After downloading videos from Youtube, we can easily access downloaded videos on YouTube.

We hope that you already know how to download videos from the Youtube app.

These videos are available in the Downloads section of the app.

You can watch the videos even when you are offline after downloading them.

It is one of the best features of the Youtube app.

Make sure that you have an active internet connection while downloading the videos. It is important to download them.

Now, let's learn how to access these videos.

How to Download YouTube Video

Access downloaded videos on Youtube in 4 Steps

Step-1 Open Youtube app: Just like every other process, this process also starts with opening the Youtube app.

Just click on the Youtube icon to open the app.

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Step-2 Tap on Library: After opening the Youtube app, click on the 'Library' button.

The library button is present in the bottom bar of the app in the right-most corner.

This button is somewhat similar to the icon of the Youtube app.

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Step-3 Now tap on ‘Downloads’: After going to the library section, click on the 'Downloads' tab.

It will take you to the Downloads section of the app.

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Step-4 Watch the Downloaded videos here: And, in the last step you do not have to do anything.

You have already reached the section from where you can access all the downloaded videos.

All the videos will appear in the section after downloading.

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We Can Download How Many Videos at One Time in the Youtube App?

There is no restriction on the number of videos that you can download simultaneously on the Youtube app.

You can put any number of videos to download if you want.

Also, the speed at which the videos will be downloaded depends upon your data connection.

If your device has a fast data connection or a Wi-Fi connection, then all the videos will download at a very fast pace.

Can We Set Parental Controls in Videos On Youtube?

You can easily set parental controls in videos on the YouTube app.

The parental controls restrict certain categories of videos from showing in the Youtube app.

It is basically for underage children since Youtube has millions of users in every age group and category.

To determine the quality of content that a child watches, parental controls are very essential.

This control is usually set by parents while their children are using the app for the safety of their content.

When Can We Report a Youtube Channel?

The users of the Youtube app can report a Youtube channel if they do not like the content.

Or if the video does not go according to the guidelines of the app.

Any Youtube video must not hurt the religious sentiments of any community.

Also, they should also not present any anti-social elements.

In such cases, the users can report that Youtube video and the report will directly go to officials of the Youtube app.

If the report is true and genuine, then the video will be removed from the app right away.

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