How to Stop a YouTube Channel From Being Recommended

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Do you know that there are more than 37 million YouTube channels? Yes, you have heard it right. YouTube's algorithm recommends these channels according to the interests of their consumers. But as we all know that no algorithm has 100% accuracy. So, you might have encountered the problem of unnecessary recommendations of YouTube channels. You can stop the YouTube channel being recommended.

You can also report YouTube channel in case the particular channel or video shows content that is against YouTube's policy.

You can stop a particular channel from being recommended and then YouTube will try not to recommend similar channels again and also won't show you any video from that channel.

You have to follow just these 4 easy steps in order to stop recommendation of unwanted YouTube channels.

Stop YouTube Channel Being Recommended: 4 Steps

Step-1 Open YouTube: Open the available apps section on your mobile phone and open the YouTube application.

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Step-2: Click on the Three Dots Icon of Video: Every video on your YouTube homepage has a three dots icon on the bottom right side (as shown below in the image). You have to click on the three dots icon of that Video whose channel you don't want to see anymore.

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Step-3 Click on Don't Recommend Channel: When you click on the three dots, you will see some options in a list. You have to tap on the "Don't Recommend Channel" option from that list.

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Step-4 The channel Stops Recommendation: An information box will appear that will confirm that any videos from that channel will not be shown on your feed again. You can undo too, if you feel like you have chosen the wrong video by mistake. By this way you can stop recommendation of all those channels that you not like on your feed.

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What is The Difference Between "Don't Recommend Channel" and "Not Interested" Options on YouTube?

"Not Interested" option was added by YouTube in order to provide users an opportunity to remove all those videos or topics that they are not interested in. YouTube also learns the user needs and try not to recommend such videos again but what if you wanna stop recommend all videos from that channels. For that reason you can use "Don't Recommend Channel" option.

Can I Report a YouTube Channel that I Find Disturbing or Irrelevant?

Yes, you can report YouTube channel that you might think is against the policies of YouTube and the channel that you find is disturbing or hurt yours' or others' sentiments in any way. They will look into the matter that why you have reported the particular channel and will delete or warn that channel if YouTube thinks is really wrong.

Can I Make Any Video Uploaded by me On YouTube Private?

Yes, you can make any video uploaded by you on your channel private. You can also make YouTube video private while you are uploading it from your desktop and mobile both. Though the methods of making the video private while uploading and after the uploading are slightly different from each other.

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