How to Stop a YouTube Channel From Appearing

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Does it happen with you too that you start seeing some unwanted YouTube channels or videos on your YouTube feed? If yes, then you have come to the right page. Below mentioned are 4 easy steps that will help you to stop a YouTube channel from appearing.

You can personalize or optimize your YouTube feed the way you want just like you can stop YouTube from Recommending videos.

How to Block a Specific Channel on YouTube

Stop a YouTube Channel From Appearing in 4 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the Youtube Application: You first step is to Open the apps section on your mobile phone and search for the YouTube application. Click on the YouTube app icon.

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Step-2 Click on Three Dots on The Right Side: In the second step, you have to scroll on your feed and see if there is any video that you find irrelevant or unwanted. See on the right side of that video which will have three dots. You have to tap on that three dots icon and move to the next step.

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Step-3 Click on Not Interested: In the third step, you will see a list of options after doing the second step. Find the "not interested" option in that list and click on it.

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Step-4 The Channel Will Not Appear Again: You will see a message after doing the third step that will say video removed. It means that the particular video has been removed from your feed. YouTube will also try not to show any other video from that channel or any other similar videos.

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The more you remove unwanted videos from your feed the more YouTube will learn about your choices and interests. So, your feed will get more personalized and the unwanted recommendation will start decreasing. So, it's important that you follow this guide and make your feed useful.

How Can I Reset Recommendations on YouTube?

You can reset your recommendations on YouTube by deleting your search history and watching videos history from YouTube. If you delete your Youtube browser history then it will not recommend you anything based on your previous searches. So, delete all the histories and then all your recommendations will be based on your new activities.

Do the Views Also Depend on The Time It is Being Uploaded?

Yes, time is one of the factors in getting the view. Some videos are more likely to be seen in the morning. For example, some users may like to watch news, devotional, or exercise videos in the morning. The entertainment videos are most likely to be seen at night when someone just wants to chill and relax. So, if you are uploading any video consider the type of your video and upload it at the preferred time to get more views.

What are Suggested Videos on YouTube and Can I Reset them Too?

Suggested videos are recommendations that YouTube gives you when you are watching any video. Suggested videos are supposed to be autoplay videos that play automatically after you finish your current video. When you delete your all YouTube histories then suggested videos get reset too. You can also stop suggested videos. You just have to stop YouTube autoplay in the settings.

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