How to Delete All Downloads on Youtube

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This article deals with the process to delete all downloads on Youtube.

As all might be aware of the fact that Youtube allows its users to download Youtube videos.

You can watch these downloads even when you are not online. You can also delete all downloads on YouTube.

The videos that you have downloaded from Youtube take up storage space on your device and if you want to clear that storage space then you might delete those videos.

Basically, it is an attempt to delete unnecessary videos from the Youtube app.

Let's get set and learn the steps of this process in this article.


How to Delete ALL Youtube Downloads At Once

Delete All Downloads on Youtube in 6 Steps

Step-1 Open the Youtube app: In Step-1, you have to open the YouTube app on your device.

If you are using your desktop, then open your Youtube account on the web browser of your device.

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Step-2 Tap on your profile picture: In step 2, you have to tap on your profile picture.

It will take you to the menu that has several options in features related to your Youtube account.

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Step-3 Now tap on 'Settings': After clicking on your profile picture, a list of options will appear on your screen.

From that list, choose the 'Settings' option.

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Step-4 Now tap on 'Downloads': Below the video quality preferences option, you will see the downloads option.

Simply, click on 'Downloads'.

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Step-5 Click on 'Delete all downloads': After that, click on the option that says 'Delete all downloads'.

You can easily spot this option in the list on your screen.

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Step-6 Then, click on Delete: Then, Youtube will show you a confirmation dialogue box from which you can confirm if you want to delete the videos or not.

Here, you have to click on the 'DELETE' option.

All your downloaded videos on YouTube will now be permanently deleted.

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Can We Restore The 'Downloads' After Deleting Them From Our Device?

No, you do not have any option to restore the 'Downloads' after deleting them.

This is because the downloaded videos are deleted permanently from the Youtube app on your device.

There is no option to temporarily delete 'Downloads' in the Youtube app.

So, you should be very careful when deleting a Youtube video.

How Can We Maintain Our Privacy On the Youtube App?

The Youtube app follows a good privacy policy for maintaining the privacy of its users.

There are many options and features in the app by which the users can safeguard their content and data as well as maintain their privacy.

You can delete the Youtube browser history. You can also clear the search history and watch history on this app.

How Can We Watch the Trending Videos On Youtube?

There is a separate section in the YouTube app we are all the trending videos are present.

The name of the section is 'Trending'. You can watch the videos that are trending worldwide on Youtube.

In the latest Youtube update, you can also find the trending videos according to their genre.

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