How to increase views on YouTube

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YouTube is not just a performing stage for creators, even it’s a good medium to get earned and get more attention publicly. If you get attention or popular, you will earn a lot and you will get more audiences to promote your content. You can increase views on YouTube with few tips.

Why it’s helpful to increase views on YouTube? 

This question doesn’t need an answer. If you are promoting yourself on YouTube, you obviously getting more views.

Views improves your work because you have a good audience now. YouTube will give your video the preference over other videos in trends.

It’s pretty simple to understand that you will get more money and you can make your next content even more better.

Tips to increase views on YouTube

Here, we share some important tips to increase views on YouTube.

  1. Make your video title interesting: You can make your video title interesting by using some catchy lines which showcase the beat of your video.
    Make it so happening that viewers open your video after reading the title. Summarize your video through the title.
  2.  Make your video thumbnail appealing: Sometimes, viewers don’t see the video title first. They always see the video’s thumbnail image.
    They believe that it will portray the theme of the videos. Attractive and beautiful thumbnails make viewers to open the video.
    Thumbnails should be appealing that within a second, viewers start watching the video. Us photo editing apps to get an attractive thumbnail such as Adobe Spark, Canva etc.
  3. Make a use of Google’s search keywords: Google’s keyword facility can also help you to find what’s in trending on Google and YouTube. You can get the idea that what users are searching the most.
  4. Make the video about trending topics: Find the current and trending topics on Google and create ideas on it. Make video on such topics.
    It will definitely boost your audience. Viewers always give preferences on new topics. Your video will get more attention and in results, it will get more views. 
  5. Make a connectivity on social media platforms: There are many popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
    Most of the YouTube users are using these social media sites. Make your social media account interesting and connect to these viewers.
    You can get more views through the Facebook or Instagram. 
  6. Use of tags: When you upload the video, YouTube give you an option to add tags in your video after completing the description. Add popular and trending tags on videos. It will also boost engagement
  7. Use CTAs - Calls to Action: Try to always add CTAs – calls to action in the end of your videos.
    Create something interesting that it will make your audiences to to share your video with their friends and if they didn’t subscribe to your channel then they can do it.
  8. Create Q&A videos: Q&A videos make a good engagement with your viewers. You can pick questions from your viewers or subscribers on YouTube or even on social media platforms as well.
    Pick few best questions and make a video on where you will answer all questions. 
  9. Collaborate with other creators: Make a collaboration with other YouTube creators on their channel. You can get attention of other creators audiences.
    It will boost your views. They will search your videos. It’s very helpful.
  10. Embed your content: Allow the embed your content. Users can share your video on other social media platforms with the copying the URL of the video. You will get more views from it.
  11. Use of subtitle: YouTube allow the cations on YouTube video. It has auto generated captions. Subtitles are the very good option to grow your audiences.
    Few viewers cannot understand your language in video but if you add subtitles in the video, you will get more viewers on the video. 
  12. Make your content the first priority: It doesn’t matter, how much efforts you are showing to get attention. Your content is your everything.
    You can get views on one video but cannot get it every time if your content is below the expectation. If your content is not good, you will lose the views in next videos.

Other tips are just the medium that you can make best out of it but if you are not stick to a good content, your views can be decreased. Be consistent and focus on good content. Share as much as you can, you will be succeed.

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