How to Turn On Comments On YouTube

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This article will help you to learn How to Turn On Comments On YouTube in 6 easy steps.

If you want to know whether the video uploaded by you on YouTube is liked by others or not then you can turn on the comment section under your video to allow discussions and receive comments. YouTube also allows you to Turn off the comments anytime you feel they seem disturbing. There are a couple of easy ways to turn on the comment. Let's get started with learning the process.

How to Enable Comments On YouTube

Turn On Comments On YouTube in 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open YouTube: First thing is to open the YouTube application in your browser and click on your profile located in the upper right corner next to the 'bell' icon.

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Step-2 Click On The YouTube Studio Option: Next when you click on your profile you will see many options, click on the 'YouTube Studio' option which is the second option from the top.

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Step-3 Click On The Setting Option: From the left side of your page, click on the 'settings' option.

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Step-4 Click On Upload Defaults: Under the settings menu you will find many options like 'general' or ' permissions.'

Click on the 'upload defaults' option.

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Step-5 Click On Advance Settings: After you click on upload defaults a window will open up with basic info and advanced settings.

Tap on Advanced settings to move further with the process.

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Step-6 Click Allow All Comments: Here on this page scroll down to see the option of enabling comments. Tap on it and now everybody will be able to comment under your videos or reply to the comment added by you under someone else's video.

You can also follow the same process to disable the comments whenever you feel like doing so.

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How To Disable Comments On YouTube?

Not all comments you receive on your video are pleasant, but YouTube allows you to disable the comment section anytime you want to. To do so take a look at the below-given steps:

  • Go to and click your profile picture on the top-right corner. Then select YouTube Studio.
  • Next, then Click Settings from the left side of the page.
  • Tap on Community located in the panel on the left side of the window.
  • Click the Defaults tab. This will show you the default settings for your YouTube channel.
  • Click to select Disable comments.

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How To Disable Comments From a Specific User?

  • Copy the commenter's channel URL from their YouTube channel homepage
  • Open and log in. 
  • Click Settings and then on Community. 
  • Paste the URL into the 'Hidden users' text box.
  • Finally, then Click on save and it will save your changes.

How To Filter Comments On YouTube?

  • Click on the Comments button in the left sidebar of the YouTube Creator Studio to open and look at all the received comments on your YouTube Videos.
  • Then Open the video by clicking on it and locate the comment that you find inappropriate or abusive.
  • Next, then Click on the three-dot icon in front of that comment and choose Report.
  • State the reason for reporting the comment and click on the Report button.

How To Turn On/Off Comments For Specific Videos?

  • Go to the Content Page.
  • Then Select the target video in the right window, and click the Details icon.
  • From under the Audience section select the 'No, it’s not made for the kid's radio button.
  • Next, click show more and scroll down to the Comments and rating section.
  • Choose your preferred privacy option from the Comment visibility drop-down list.
  • Click save from the upper-right area to save all the changes made by you. Now you will see the comments will be turned off/on for that specific video.

How To block certain words in YouTube comments?

If you find some abusive words used repetitively on your videos then you can block that certain word or multiple words.

  • Go to YouTube Studio and select Settings and then Community.
  • Navigate to the Automated Filters tab in the right window, and add the words to block in the Blocked words field. You can add multiple words.
  • You can also block the comments with the link just check the Block links box.
  • Finally, click save to save the changes.

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