How to Delete Watch List Videos on YouTube App

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One of the many useful features of YouTube is that one can make his or her own personal Watch List. In the Watch List you can add any of the video that you can't watch at that time but you sure want to watch it some other time. But what if we want to delete YouTube watch list?

Just as we can delete YouTube watch history, we can also delete any video from the watch later list that we have already watched or dont wish to watch anymore.

Follow these 5 easy steps mentioned below in order to maintain your YouTube Watch list.

Delete YouTube Watch List in 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open YouTube: As it is pretty much clear that in order to Delete YouTube watch later list you must open YouTube app on your device.

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Step-2 Go to Library: After opening the YouTube you will see 5 buttons in the bottom screen of the homepage. You have to click on the "Library" button as shown below in the image.

Image titled Delete Youtube Watch List Step 2

Step-3 Go to Watch Later: In the Library options you have to find the "watch later" option. This is the option in which all the videos that you have saved for watching later will be present. So, click on the option.

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Step-4 Click on Three Dots: You now have to find the three dots that will be present in the right hand side of every video (as shown below) that you have saved for watching later. Click on the three dots.

Image titled Delete Youtube Watch List Step 4

Step-5 Click on Remove from Watch Later: When you click on the three dots, a list of options will occur on your screen. From this list you have to select "Remove from watch later". The video fill be deleted from your Watch list.

Image titled Delete Youtube Watch List Step 5

By this way, you can delete any video that you might wish to delete from your watch list so that there is no scope of any confusion in the future.

Can I Download The Videos present in YouTube Watch Later List?

Yes, you can download videos from YouTube watch later list by clicking in the three dots icon as described in this guide. You might find a download option to in that list. You can also just play the video and find the download option under the video.

If you have premium membership then you will able to download almost any YouTube video but if your not then some of the videos might not be available for download. So, it is up to you.

How to Add Videos to Watch Later or What If We Wanna Make Another Playlist?

You can add videos on YouTube to your watch later playlist. You have to search for the video and then play the video. Below the video you will see a save option you have to click on it and your video will be saved and you can also make a playlist on YouTube in the same way but you just have to click on the new playlist option.

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