How to Delete WhatsApp Group

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After WhatsApp introduced groups, people created many groups for their family circle, school circle, college circle, etc. As a result, many group admins are searching for posts in their WhatsApp groups, as no one has the time to post the things. Either the group will be flooded with messages or there will be no message. 

If you are receiving too many messages, you can try the mute option. If no messages are posted, and you are a group admin, follow the steps in this article to delete your WhatsApp group.


How to Delete WhatsApp Group on Android

Follow the steps below with your Android phone to delete a WhatsApp group 

1. Launch WhatsApp: Tap on the WhatsApp icon in the menu. 

2. Open Group Info: Tap on the group icon and then tap on ‘i’ symbol. How to delete Whatsapp group

3. Remove Members: Long press over the name of the member and select Delete. How to delete Whatsapp group4. Exit the Group: After removing members one by one, you will be the last member and exit the group. How to delete Whatsapp group5. Delete the Group: After exiting, you will be shown delete group action and tap on it to close everything about the group. How to delete Whatsapp group

How to Delete WhatsApp Group on iPhone

Follow the steps below to delete WhatsApp group on your iPhone. 

1. Open WhatsApp: Do it by tapping on the WhatsApp icon. 

2. Swipe Left: Scroll and find the group, then swipe left over it. 

3. More options: Tap on more options. How to delete Whatsapp group

4. Exit the Group: Leave the group by tapping on the exit group option 

5. Delete the Group: After leaving the group, again swipe left > go to more options in the group > Delete the group. How to delete Whatsapp group In conclusion, more and more groups will clutter your WhatsApp home window and be deleting it will be the best option if it is not at all getting any post or many people leave the group. 

Instead of deleting your group, you can also hide group or mute notifications. Now you can convert audio messages to text if not in a situation to play it.

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