How to Delete WhatsApp Message for Everyone

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WhatsApp's 'Delete for everyone feature was released a while ago. And it's one of the most useful options the messaging service has to offer. So, if someone mistakenly sends an erroneous message to a group or individual chat, this feature spares them from shame. However, there are times when WhatsApp's 'Delete for Everyone feature does not work. Though you must agree that this feature can be a life savior sometimes. We go through all there is to know about this feature and how it works. Hence, let's move on and check out how to delete messages for everyone.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages for Everyone after a Long Time

Delete Message for Everyone on WhatsApp in 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Whatsapp: First and foremost, let's create a dummy scenario to understand how this works. So, click on 'WhatsApp' to open the application.

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Step-2 Send a message: Next since it's a dummy scenario so we'll send a message to someone. So, choose from your chats below and, send them a message.

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Step-3 Long press on the message: Now, learn how to delete the message. Let's try to delete this message that we just sent. Hence, long press on the message for one second and new options will appear.

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Step-4 Click on the trash icon: Further, after holding it for one second, a few options will appear on top of your chat screen. Spot the 'delete' button and click on it.

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Step-5 Tap on delete for everyone: Furthermore, click on delete for everyone. For reference, you can see the below image below.

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Step-6 You deleted this message: After clicking on deleting the message

  • both you and the receiver will be shown the same message, that is "you deleted this message".
  • Hence, this is how to delete your message.
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With millions of individuals using WhatsApp every day, there's a good possibility you'll be chatting with folks many times a day.
However, frequent communication makes it very easy to say something you didn't plan to say or something that is no longer relevant to the topic.

We all are aware that WhatsApp offers a variety of features for its users. For example, you can schedule your WhatsApp messages, set disappearing messages in WhatsApp etc. With time WhatsApp is evolving and introducing many new different features. You must keep yourself updated if you're amongst the regular users.

I'm not able to delete messages for everyone why is that?

There is a time frame under which you can delete messages for everyone. Users generally get one hour to unsend the message. The Delete for Everyone option will no longer be available. So, if it's not there when you press the delete icon, it's possible you're trying to delete it after an hour has passed after you sent it. Hence, if you want to delete a message for everyone, try to do it before completing one hour.

What happens after I delete messages for everyone?

After deleting the message, it will be shown as 'this message was deleted' to everyone. You can delete any message that you've sent to an individual person or in a  group chat. This is especially beneficial if you accidentally sent a message to the wrong cha. Else if your message contains an error. Hence, this feature can be your savior.

You can delete WhatsApp messages for everyone from your device itself. When you do this, the receiver or receivers will not be able to read what you sent them. Now, you must be thinking why delete messages for everyone?

  • Sometimes, it so happens that you send a message in a hurry. Due to this, the message might contain typing errors or wrong information.
  • When you add or delete contacts on Whatsapp, you might have made some mistakes. So, the message can have gone to the wrong person.
  • It can even happen that you change your mind about the response you have given to the receiver. In this case, you should delete WhatsApp messages for everyone.




Another Method

You must remember that you can delete a message for everyone only until it is not read by the receiver. Once it is read, that is once you see the two blue ticks, you cannot delete it as they have already opened the message. There is no utility in deleting the message for everyone after that. So make sure you delete it before the receiver sees if you do not want them to read it. Let's get into the steps of how to do it.

Delete WhatsApp Message for Everyone: 5 Steps

Step 1- Open WhatsApp: When you access the application of WhatsApp, you need to remember or check which message you have sent wrongly and want to delete. So, open the application on your device and get going.

Image titled Delete WhatsApp Message for Everyone step 1

Step-2 Open Chat: Now, if you do not exactly know to which chat you have sent the incorrect message, scroll through your chats.

  • Open the recent chats one by one and see from which one you need to delete the message for everyone.
  • Once you locate the chat, see that the message is not yet read by the receiver.
  • If there is only one grey tick or two grey ticks, there is a chance to delete WhatsApp message for everyone.
  • So, go further with the next step.

Image titled Delete WhatsApp Message for Everyone step 2

Step-3 Long Press: Once you locate the chat and the message, long press on the message. By long pressing, you select the message, and it turns blue.

  • If there is more than one message, select them all together.
  • Once you do all the selection process, you can go ahead.

Image titled Delete WhatsApp Message for Everyone step 3

Step-4 Tap on Delete Icon: By selecting the messages, some icons appear at the top of the WhatsApp screen. In that, you need to choose the dustbin-shaped icon. This icon stands for delete.

  • So, click on that icon to delete WhatsApp message for everyone.

Image titled Delete WhatsApp Message for Everyone step 4

Step-5 Delete for Everyone: On choosing the delete icon, a dialogue box appears at the center of the screen. When the message is not yet read by the receiver, it has three options.

  • One is to delete for me, the other is cancel and the last one is to delete for everyone.
  • Choose the option of delete for everyone carefully.
  • If you choose the delete for me option, the message will delete only from your device. The receiver will be able to read it and you wouldn't even know if they read it or not.
  • So, make sure you select the option of 'Delete for Everyone.'

Image titled Delete WhatsApp Message for Everyone step 5

Thus, like this, you can delete WhatsApp messages for everyone. It depends on whether the other person has read the message or not. However, it may happen that the receiver has used the feature to disable blue ticks on Whatsapp. In such a scenario, it is tough t know whether the person has read the message or not. You can try these steps in such a situation also. If they haven't opened it, the option of 'delete for everyone will surely cone. So, see how the feature helps you out and use it wisely.

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