How to Quickly Delete Archived Chats in WhatsApp

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Archiving means to hide the chat from the list of regular chats temporarily or permanently. You can quickly delete archived chats in WhatsApp at any time. When you message on WhatsApp, the chat appears at the top. To keep it at the bottom and away from people seeing your WhatsApp chat list, you can archive the messages. Let us learn how you can delete those archived messages step by step.

How to Delete Archived Chats in WhatsApp

Quickly Delete Archived Chats in WhatsApp

Step-1 Get to the WhatsApp: Before viewing any new messages for the day on WhatsApp, delete those archived and forgotten chats from the application. So, open the application and get going with the process.

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Step-2 Tap on Archived Chats: Now, WhatsApp has a feature of keeping your chats in the archive even on receiving new messages. If you have enabled it, you will not get a notification on receiving messages from those chats.

  • So, you will have to get to the end of WhatsApp's chat list to find those chats.
  • When you scroll down to the end of the chat list, you see the last option reading archived.
  • Click on that and you will be able to view all the chats that you sent to the archive at some or other time.

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Step-3 Long Press the Chat: Now, to quickly delete archived chats in WhatsApp, you need to select the ones you want to delete.

  • Go through the list of the chats and see which ones you do not need anymore.
  • Once you decide that, long press on the chat.
  • You can select multiple chats at once.
  • On doing this, you are ready to go further.

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Step-4 Delete and Confirm: On selecting the chats, a few options appear at the top of the WhatsApp screen. In that, the first one from the left side is the delete icon.

  • The delete icon is in the shape of a dustbin as popularly known.
  • Click on that icon. By doing so, a dialogue box appears and asks you for confirmation of deleting.
  • If you are sure, click on delete and your archived messages will be deleted.

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Thus, you can get rid of all the archived messages. Sometimes, we archive the chats and forget that they exist. You can visit the archived chats option to keep a check on them and delete it if required.

Why Delete Archived Chats?

Well, we usually archive the conversations that are either personal or not required anymore. If those archived chats or groups are no more of use, you can delete them to organize your conversations in a better way. Like this, your personal archived chats will stay safe and you won't delete those by mistake.

What if I Delete Archived Chat by Mistake?

If you delete any of the archived chats by mistake, you can get them back from the WhatsApp backup. However, you will not get back the messages received after the backup time. You can backup and restore WhatsApp messages with google drive very easily.

So, you can sort your chats and organize them well by using the archive feature and deleting the messages quickly at any time.

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