How to Delete WhatsApp Group as Admin

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If the WhatsApp group that you created is no longer of use, you can delete WhatsApp Group as Admin. Now here, you must be the admin, the creator of the group to remove participants and delete the group. Now, why would someone delete a group when you can just leave a WhatsApp group? 

  • Well, the group might have been created for some specific purpose like a project, an assignment, a specific event. Now, once you accomplish the purpose, you can delete the WhatsApp group.
  • When the group has gone silent and no conversations whatsoever happen in them, you can delete the group.
  • If you were added to a group without your permission, and you find the group to be a nuisance or something that harms emotions, feelings, or deals with illegal talks and practices, then you must delete WhatsApp group as Admin.

Thus, it is advisable to delete a group so that your WhatsApp isn't full of nonsense and useless groups. This will keep your WhatsApp clear of any distractions and confusion.

How to Delete: Remove WhatsApp Group Permanently!

Delete WhatsApp Group as Admin in 7 Steps

Step-1 Open WhatsApp: I am sure you are using WhatsApp if you are thinking of deleting some group. So, go to the application of WhatsApp and open it to go further.

 step 1

Step-2 Tap on the Group: Now, search for the group that you want to delete. If you remember the name, well and good. You can directly go to the search icon and type its name.

  • If you do not remember which group has become inactive, or the purpose complete, then scroll down till the end of the chats.
  • You will find the inactive group, probably more than one such group.
  • Open the one that you want to delete.

 step 2

Step-3 Tap on Group Name: Now, tap on the group name at the top. By doing so, you will go ahead to group details.

  • You might not recognize the group name as someone might have changed it or even changed the WhatsApp group icon. 
  • So, you need to see the previous messages of the group and the participants to recall and confirm that you are deleting the right group.

 step 3

Step-4 Long Press on Name: On the group details page, you will see the name, icon, group description, shared media, and other details.

  • On scrolling down, you see the participants list.
  • From there, you can confirm if you are an admin or not. If you are, the 'group admin' tag is there besides your name in green font.
  • Now, you can delete WhatsApp group as Admin.
  • For the same, long press on any participant's name and go further.

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Step-5 Tap on Remove: Now, a list pops up by long-pressing on someone's name. In that list of options, there is an option of Remove.

  • Click on that option. Like this, you will remove the person from the group.
  • Similarly, do this process for every participant of the group.
  • Do this until you are the last one in the group.
  • You must do this process to delete the group. If you directly click on exit, then you will leave the group but the group will still exist.
  • Once this process of removing everyone is over, go further.

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Step-6 Exit Group: Once you are the only remaining member in the group, click on exit group. Thus, like this, you too will exit the group. Now, you are ready to delete the group.

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Step-7 Delete the Group: As you were the last participant to exit the group, WhatsApp will now show you the option of deleting the group.

  • Click on the 'Delete Group' option to delete WhatsApp group as Admin.
  • Thus, you delete the group and now it will no longer be active.

Image Titled Delete Whatsapp Group as Admin step 7

The participants will get the notification that they have been removed from the group. To stop the confusion, before removing any participant and deleting the group, put a message in the group that you are removing everyone and deleting the group. Like this, there will be no confusion as to why they were removed from the group. If you are not an admin of some group but want to get rid of it, you can leave a WhatsApp group. 

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