How to install WhatsApp Software on PC

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Many people prefer to use WhatsApp on their computers. It is quite easy to install WhatsApp on your PC. This article will provide you with all the steps required to install WhatsApp on your MAC & Windows PC.

How to install WhatsApp on Windows PC

1. Open WhatsApp Web on Browser - The first step will be to open Chrome browser on our computer or laptop and then go on to launch the WhatsApp Web there. After that, a QR code will appear on your screen. The best thing is you will not need any QR reader app to read the code.

install WhatsApp on PC

2. Open WhatsApp Web on phone - The next step will be to open WhatsApp on your phone and head to the option of WhatsApp Web there. For Android users, the WhatsApp Web option can be attained by clicking the three dots on the chat page.

install WhatsApp on PC

3. Read QR Code - After you open the WhatsApp Web, a QR reader will automatically appear on your mobile phone screen. Your next step will be to put that QR reader of your phone at a place from where it can read the QR code opened on your computer or laptop screen.

install WhatsApp on PC

4. Enjoy - Now you have successfully logged into WhatsApp Web. You can enjoy the app from your convenient device now.

install WhatsApp on PC

5. Messaging - The WhatsApp Web will not function in a similar manner as it did on your phone. For example, for starting a new conversation on the web you will have to access the search function which will let you start or filter chats.

install WhatsApp on PC

6. Emoticon remains the same - The emoticon and the clip symbol remains in the same position as on your phone. Apart from that, you can easily view the contact information, status updates and get informed when someone receives and sees your messages via the double tick and the blue tick.

Alternative methods to install WhatsApp on Windows PC

The windows app store (Microsoft store) also has Whatsapp in it. You can install Whatsapp by searching by app name and installing. After it downloads, you can log in using the steps given above from No. 3.

The next method through which you can install WhatsApp on your Windows PC is with the help of the Bluestacks medium. To download the Bluestacks medium in your PC and then install WhatsApp via that, you need to follow these simple steps.

1. Download Bluestacks - The first step would be to download the Android Emulator, Bluestacks.

install WhatsApp on PC

2. Install Bluestacks - You will need to install Bluestacks after it has been downloaded on your PC.

install WhatsApp on PC

3. Open Bluestacks - The next step will be to open Bluestacks on your PC and search for WhatsApp from the search menu at the top.

install WhatsApp on PC

4. Download WhatsApp - Search for WhatsApp Messenger and download it.

install WhatsApp on PC

5. Install WhatsApp - After downloading WhatsApp, install WhatsApp by clicking on the WhatsApp application.

install WhatsApp on PC

How to install WhatsApp on Mac

To install WhatsApp on your Macbook, all you need is to follow this guide. It is very easy and without any altercation.

The first way to install WhatsApp on your MacBook is the exact similar method as it is for Windows PC. Kindly refer to the first method given here. The method is installing WhatsApp through the medium of WhatsApp Web.

The alternative way out to have WhatsApp on your MacBook is via the method of downloading the WhatsApp application.

  1. Launch WhatsApp Download page - The preliminary step would be to open the official WhatsApp download page
  2. Download WhatsApp file - The next step will be to download the WhatsApp file from there.
  3. Download for MAC - You will be given an option. You will have to choose the option which says ‘download for MAC’. It will appear in a green box. Click on that to download the file.
  4. Choose download location - You will have to choose a location for the file to get downloaded. Choose any folder of your choice.
  5. Click OK - Press on the ‘OK’ button. Your WhatsApp is now downloading on your MAC.
  6. Install WhatsApp - The next step will be to install WhatsApp.
  7. WhatsApp setup files - Now you will have to find the WhatsApp setup file. It will be by the name of ‘WhatsApp.dmg’.
  8. Application folder - You will have to click and drag the WhatsApp icon into your ‘Applications’ folder.
  9. Scan the QR code - Double click on the WhatsApp icon. With this, a window with a QR code will appear.
  10. Read the code - Open WhatsApp on your phone and scan the QR code.

WhatsApp has now been installed on your MAC and you can use it now without any problem.

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