How to Delete WhatsApp Unread Messages

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Yes! It is absolutely possible to delete WhatsApp unread messages. If you have messaged on WhatsApp to someone but realize that you have sent something wrong, you can delete it. On WhatsApp, there are indicators that say whether the message has been sent, opened, read. If the message is sent from your device, you see one grey tick. It turns to two grey ticks when the other person receives the message. Finally, those two grey ticks turn to blue when the person reads the message.

  • Now, you need to delete WhatsApp unread messages before those two grey ticks turn blue.
  • So, if the ticks aren't yet blue on the message you want to delete, start following these steps quickly.

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Delete WhatsApp Unread Messages: 5 Steps

Step-1 Open WhatsApp Application: On your mobile device, open the application of WhatsApp. You must be using it regularly if you are looking for ways to delete an unread message.

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Step-2 Open the Chat and Check: Now, the most important step is to check whether the receiver has seen the message or not. For that, you need to open the chat.

  • Now, look at the last message you sent them.
  • If there is only one grey tick or two grey ticks beside the message, that means it is not yet read and opened.
  • If the two grey ticks have turned blue, the message has been read.


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Step-3 Long Press the Message: Now, if the message is unread, long-press the message and select it.

  • If you have sent more than one message at a time and you want to delete them all, then select all the messages at once.
  • You can go further with the next steps once you have selected all the required messages.

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Step-4 Select the Delete Option: On selecting the messages, you will see certain options at the top of the screen. Just beside the star option, there is a dustbin-shaped icon. This is the delete option. Click on that.

Step-5 Delete for Everyone: By clicking on the delete option, a dialogue box appears at the center of the screen.

  • It has three options. 'Delete for me', 'delete for everyone, 'cancel.'
  • To delete WhatsApp unread messages, choose to delete for everyone.
  • Like this, the person will not know what message you sent them.
  • However, they will know that you sent some message and deleted it later.

Thus, like this, you can reverse sending the message. Now, when to use this? In the following situations, you can use the feature of deleting WhatsApp unread messages.

  • When you send something to someone by mistake.
  • When the message you sent is correct. But it needs some editing because of some typos or changes in information.
  • Sending the message to the wrong person or to the wrong group.
  • Realizing that you no longer need to give this message to the person.
  • Someone else took your phone and sent some messages wrongly or for fun or a kid sent something to someone by mistake.

So, under all such circumstances, you can choose to delete the message. You can even change the WhatsApp lock so that nobody else deletes or sends messages wrongly. Use the feature well and on time, that is before blue ticks appear.


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