How to Send GIF on WhatsApp

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With every passing day, WhatsApp is bringing many cool features. The recent addition to such amazing features of WhatsApp is GIF. GIF is basically like an image file which supports both animated and unvarying image. GIF is Graphic Interchange Format. It is made by using various graphics having numerous frames.

These frames are then formulated into a single file. With the help of software, the images are made into an animated sequence.

How to send GIF on WhatsApp using Android

1.Open WhatsApp - The first step to send a GIF file on WhatsApp is to open the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone.

2. Choose a chat - Choose a recipient whom you want to send a GIF file. Open that chat.

3. Click on the Smiley icon - Look down at the extreme left corner of your phone. There will be a smiley icon. Click on that.

4. Choose GIF - After clicking the smiley button, you will get three options on the bottom. Choose GIF.

5. Choose any GIF of your choice - The GIF file will show you some famous GIFs. You can choose anyone from there. If you do not like any GIF from the files shown, go to the extreme left. There will be a search icon. Click that and you can search for any particular GIF you want.

6. Send GIF - After choosing your GIF, send it by clicking on the green arrow button on the extreme right side of your phone.

Congratulations, your GIF has been sent.

How to send GIF on WhatsApp using iPhone

  1. Open WhatsApp - The first step will be to open WhatsApp on your iPhone.
    send GIF on WhatsApp
  2. Open a conversation - Open any conversation of your choice.
    send GIF on WhatsApp
  3. Tap on the ‘A’ button - Click on the ‘A’ button, beside the camera icon on your left.
    send GIF on WhatsApp
  4. Choose a GIF - Choose any GIF file from there. There is another search option besides that in red color. Click on that for more GIF options. You can find more GIFs by choosing the
    send GIF on WhatsApp
  5. ‘Find Images’ tap on the top.
    send GIF on WhatsApp
  6. Send GIF - Now send the chosen GIF by clicking on the blue upward arrow sign.
    send GIF on WhatsApp

Enjoy your conversation now with these exciting GIF files.

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