How to Find my WhatsApp Number

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Every month, more than 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp. WhatsApp, unlike Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, is not a luxury but a necessity, and there are numerous reasons for this. Nonetheless, with so many users using WhatsApp on a regular basis for years, it's quite improbable that anyone has entirely mastered its use. It can even be difficult for some people to remember their WhatsApp login and phone number. If you wish to share your number on WhatsApp you must know your registered number. Sometimes we forget which number are we using. Else, if someone's new to WhatsApp then one might take a lot of time to search for where they can find the registered number. Let's check out how to find your number on WhatsApp quickly.

How to find your WhatsApp number iPhone

Find my WhatsApp number in 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open WhatsApp: First step would obviously be to open WhatsApp. Hence, click on the application to open it

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Step-2 Click on the three dots: Next, after opening, you might be seeing a similar scene as shown in the image below. Well, spot the three-dots button and click on it.

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Step-3 Click on settings: After clicking on the three dots button a menu will drop down on your screen with several options. Click on 'Settings' to proceed further.

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Step-4 Select your name: Next, in settings, click on the side where your username is mentioned. For reference, see the image attached below.

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Step-5 Scroll down to find your phone number: Finally, after clicking on your profile, scroll down. You will find your number at the bottom along with your other details.

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In the end, that's how you can find your own number. You can also change your WhatsApp number without losing any of your data. WhatsApp offers various options in a simplified manner for users.

Can unknown users see my WhatsApp number?

Well, generally only known contacts can see your WhatsApp number. If someone hasn't saved your number then they won't be able to see it. One more possibility is that if you've been added to any group, your contact number will be visible in the group.

Is it possible for an unknown number to contact me on WhatsApp?

If you receive a message from an unknown number, you can report the number directly from the app to WhatsApp. Hence, if you receive spam from a contact, delete it and don't click on any links or offer personal information.

What is a Spam message on WhatsApp?

Spam messages on WhatsApp can come from friends, relatives, or strangers, and can include everything from legal product or service advertisements to chain letters. These are unsolicited messages that might originate from anywhere. Also, cold calls or messages to randomly created numbers are frequently sent via bots.

Is it possible for someone who is not in my contacts to contact me on WhatsApp?

It is not necessary to save a phone number in your contacts. The 'Click to Chat' function in WhatsApp allows users to start a conversation with someone without having their phone number saved in their contact list. However, you must have the phone number of the person you wish to speak with.




Another method

In this modern world of Dual sim smartphones, it is quite normal to forget the number which is verified with your WhatsApp account. Many of us keep more than one mobile or one phone number as per the requirement of our work/needs. But everyone has only one number linked with their WhatsApp account and it might slip from their mind which number was it.

So here are steps that will help you to find your WhatsApp number on android and iPhone.

How to find my WhatsApp number on Android

 It is very easy to find your WhatsApp number on android devices. Here are the steps you have to follow to find it:

1. Open WhatsApp – Locate the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone and tap the WhatsApp icon to launch it.

my WhatsApp number

2. Go to Settings – On your WhatsApp home screen (where you can see the chats), Tap on the three vertical dots positioned on the right upper corner of the screen. A drop-down list will appear. Click on “Settings” from the options listed in the drop-down list.

my WhatsApp number

3. Tap on profile picture  – On the following screen shown, tap on your profile picture to open your profile.

my WhatsApp number

4. Profile – In your profile, you can see your name, your Status and your number which is verified with this account.

my WhatsApp number

How to find my WhatsApp number on iPhone

It is equally easy to look for your number on iPhone as it is for Android phone. You just have to follow few simple steps to do so.

1. Launch WhatsApp – On your iPhone home screen, look for WhatsApp application icon and Tap it to open WhatsApp.

my WhatsApp number

2. Go to Settings – Tap on “Settings” on the bottom left corner of your screen to open Settings.

my WhatsApp number

3. Tap on profile picture – In the Settings menu, click on your profile picture located on the upper right side of your screen. It will open your profile.

my WhatsApp number

4. Profile – The following screen will show your display name, your status and your WhatsApp number.

my WhatsApp number

Thus following these simple steps you can find your WhatsApp number on Android and iPhone. You can also change your profile picture and your WhatsApp status in your profile settings.

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