How to Change Email ID in WhatsApp

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Do you want to change email ID in WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a secure chatting app that keeps your chat encrypted and secure. It also has the feature for two-step verification which is used to keep your WhatsApp account secure in case you lose access to your mobile phone and have to register your number once again. This option requires you to verify your identity and hence uses your email id as valid identification.

The email id that you set up for availing of this feature can be changed at any time. In order to do this all you need to do is follow a few simple steps that we are going to discuss in detail, in this article.

Change Email ID in WhatsApp

Change Email ID in WhatsApp - 5 Steps

Step 1 - open WhatsApp: To begin with the process, firstly you will have to open the Whatsapp app. In order to do this, you are supposed to have an already registered Whatsapp account and the app to be already installed on your phone.

  • To open the app, you will have to scroll through the list of installed apps on your mobile phone.
  • Once you find the icon for Whatsapp, tap on it once. This icon will look like a green coloured circle with a telephone receiver within it.

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Step 2 - tap on settings:

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Step 3 - tap on account: After you have opened the app, you can see the list of chats on the first page that appears on your screen. In the upper right corner of this page, you will find three dots of white colour.

  • This is the icon for opening the menu in WhatsApp application. Tap on it once. This icon is used to open the menu in WhatsApp.
  • A pop-up menu will appear in the upper right corner, as soon as you click on the three white dots.
  • In this pop-up menu, look for the settings options. It will be the last option in the menu and will appear just after the payments option.
  • Tapping on settings will take you to the settings menu. Click on it once.

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Step 4 - Tap on two-step verification: After entering the account menu, you will see another menu that will list the options you can use to change your account’s settings.

This list will have an option that will read as “two-step verification”. You need to click on it to proceed further with the process of changing your WhatsApp lock.

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Step 5 - Tap on change email address: In the new page that appears after the last step, you will find three options. The first option would be to disable two-step verification altogether.

  • The second option would be to change the PIN. If you want a tutorial on how to change your WhatsApp PIN lock, you can check out another SirHow article "How to change WhatsApp lock".
  • The third option on this page would be to change the email address. Click on it. You can change your email address here by typing in the new one and confirming it according to the process that is asked.

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After you have successfully completed all  the steps, you would have changed your email address that your WhatsApp account will use for verification when you change your device. This will add another level of security in your WhatsApp account. This process can be repeated numerous times which allows you to change your email id many times.

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