How to View Votes on WhatsApp Poll

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Polls are a great method to rapidly learn what other people think. You might wish to conduct a survey if you frequently use WhatsApp to better understand your friends, coworkers, and group members. Once you have shared a poll with other members in the group chat, now it's time for you to view votes on the WhatsApp poll. Here's how to do it.

View Votes on WhatsApp Poll: 4 Steps

Step 1- Open WhatsApp: The first step is to open WhatsApp on your device whether on a desktop, mobile, or laptop.

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Step 2- Open Chat: Next step is to open the chat where you have shared the poll. Look at the picture given below.

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Step 3- Tap on View Votes: After you have opened the group chat, next you have to look for the poll you have given. You will see under this there's an option " View Votes". Click on it.

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Step 4- View Votes: Lastly you will get the exact number of votes here. The numbers appear with a star mark beside them. With this, you can now see which options of yours get the major vote.

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This is how you can easily view votes on the WhatsApp poll. Also, you can use WhatsApp payment because this is a new feature that came recently.


What in chat is polling?

On Messenger, polls can be used to organize events and communicate with others. A group member could, for instance, start a poll in which the other members can vote to decide on an activity, a time, or a location. Additionally, you can use polls in Facebook messaging.

What is a poll on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp for iOS and Android has a polling feature. Users are able to conduct polls in both group and private chats. You can use this too by following the above steps.

What sort of question would be in a push poll?

For example, a push poll might ask respondents to rank candidates according to how strongly they support a certain subject in order to urge voters to consider that issue. Many push polls offer derogatory assessments of competing candidates.

Why do people poll?

Typically, opinion surveys include asking a series of questions and extrapolating generalizations within confidence ranges or ratios to represent the opinions of a population. The term "pollster" refers to a person who conducts polls.

Why utilize stars in WhatsApp?

You can save particular messages as favorites so you can quickly access them again in the future using the starred messages function.

How can a poll be made to be effective?

You should keep polls succinct and direct. You'll find some advice on how to make polls that are efficient at gathering the data you require below. Clear and interesting language. The query must be clear and uncomplicated. Be sure to ask neutral inquiries. Limit your choices. Avoid asking ambiguous questions.

So, you can now get a clear picture of the polling feature in WhatsApp. Both the steps and this question's answers will make you more knowledgeable about this concept. Also, you can invite members WhatsApp community.

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