How to Write Stylish Text in WhatsApp

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People’s lifestyle changes and accordingly the tools, they use in everyday life, must change. Understanding this, WhatsApp constantly updates itself every now and then. In one such update, WhatsApp introduced effects to texts in conversations. 

They let you emphasize particular words with those effects. Let’s discuss the effects in detail in this article.


How to Add Effect to Text using Symbols with Message

The table below describes the effect of adding symbols to your message. We don’t have to worry about the symbols being sent, they will vanish after you hit the send button. Follow the steps below the table to add effect to your text message. 

This method applies to both Android and iPhone users.

Double asterisk * Bold *Hello*
Double underscore _ Italic _Hello_
Double tilde ~ Strikethrough ~Hello~
Triple grave accent  ` on both sides Monospaced Text ```Hello```


1. Launch WhatsApp: This can be done by tapping on the WhatsApp icon from the menu. 

2. Type the symbols: Open a conversation by tapping on new message option, and type your message with the symbols as described in the above table. whatsapp text format

3. Tap on send: Now you have added the special effects to your text. whatsapp font style

Adding Effect to Text using Options in Android (Only for Android)

In Android, depending on the model of the phone and version of your WhatsApp, special effects option can be applied without typing any additional characters. To do that follow the steps below 

1. Open WhatsApp: Tap on the WhatsApp icon in the menu 

2. Open conversation: Open it in WhatsApp and type the message. 

3. Long press over the text: Tap and hold on the message content, and drag the ends of the selection, to select exactly the part where you want to add effect. whatsapp text art

4. Tap on three dots: This lets you see the effects available (4 effects). whatsapp text art5. Tap on the effect: Finally, tap on the effect to apply it. whatsapp typing tricks


In the recent versions of WhatsApp, after long pressing on the text, you will be shown options in the upper right corner. You can select any one effect or combined effect. whatsapp font style In conclusion, this option combined with emoji can produce good effects to your messages in WhatsApp. Thus, WhatsApp is adding interesting options in itself and we have to wait and see what ‘s coming up next.


How to write bold text in WhatsApp?

To write bold text in WhatsApp, place star symbol (*) both of text. See below example *Bold* 

How to make italic text in WhatsApp?

  To write italic text in WhatsApp, place underscore or underline (_) both side of the text. See below example _Italic_ 

How to make Strikethrough text in WhatsApp?

To write Strikethrough text in whatsapp, place tilde (~) both side of text. See below example ~ Strikethrough ~ 

How to make monospace text in WhatsApp? 

To write monospace text in WhatsApp, place three backticks (```) both side of the text. See below example ``` text ```

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