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When we upgrade our mobile phones, we usually change the WhatsApp wallpaper right? But everyone wants a brand new theme. All the old themes are boring at this point. For a moment, we just thought that changing your current WhatsApp theme was a hacking process and it required a master to do it. But after going through some information on the official site itself, we just figured out that changing the WhatsApp theme was quite simple.

In this article, we will be explaining the entire process of changing your WhatsApp theme with some screenshots as well as with some easy steps.

So let us quickly begin!

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Change WhatsApp theme in just 6 steps

Let us see whats these six steps are. Beginning with step number 1:

Step 1 - Open WhatsApp on your device: The first step is to open the app on your device. You can easily launch WhatsApp on your mobile phone by simply clicking on its green and round icon.

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Step 2 - Tap on 3 dots on the top right corner of the screen: Now you will be on the main screen of the app. On the app screen click on the three vertical dots that are present at the top right corner of your screen. A menu will slide down when you will tap on these dots.

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Step 3 - Tap on the Settings option: From the menu that will slide down, select the last option that is of Settings. Just tap on it to select it.

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Step 4 - Tap on the chats option: As you will select the settings option, you will reach a new menu. This menu will also have a list of options. From this new menu select the second option that is of the Chats. Just tap on it to select it.

Image titled Change WhatsApp Theme Step 4

Step 5 - Tap on theme: Now under the display section of your menu, you will find two options- Theme and Wallpaper. Select the 'theme' option now to set the new theme on your WhatsApp. (Furthermore, under the theme option, you will also find the currently applied theme on your WhatsApp that is either the dark or the light theme.)

Image titled Change WhatsApp Theme Step 5

Step 6 - You can change your WhatsApp theme now: A new dialog box will appear on your screen with two options that are Light or the Dark theme. Choose the desired theme and click on the OK button right at the bottom, to apply that theme to your WhatsApp. And Voila! Your WhatsApp theme is now changed.

Image titled Change WhatsApp Theme Step 6

WhatsApp's new features have changed the game for all of us, so it’s very hard to ignore the fact that you can now actually change your WhatsApp theme. Before there was only one theme (light theme) theme available to choose from and it was all pre-selected for you.

  • Now, you can choose the theme of your choice and apply it to your messaging app.
  • We hope with the help of this guide, now you know how to change your WhatsApp theme easily.
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