How to Enable/Disable Blue Ticks in WhatsApp

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Good messenger service must tell you whether the user had read the message you sent. You can say whether an SMS has been delivered or not, but you cannot say whether the receiver has read your SMS or not. But, Whatsapp does it with its messages. 

They are called read receipts and colloquially called blue ticks by the users.


You can enable or disable this option in your Whatsapp, for some reason if you do not want people to see whether you have read their message or not. Getting blue ticks is a two-way process for which you and your recipient need to enable it. 

This feature was introduced after November 2014, i.e. just a little after getting Facebook subsidiary. Tick means as follows in Whatsapp,

Single Tick Grey Message has been sent
Double Tick Grey Message has bee delivered
Double Tick Blue Message has been read

Enable or Disable blue ticks - WhatsApp


Part 1: Enable/Disable Blue Ticks (WhatsApp) in Android Phone

The blue ticks force you to respond to your friends or family because if do not respond to blue tick they will think you are ignoring themNow we are going see how to enable or disable the blue ticks, i.e. Read Receipts, on Android mobile phones. 

1. Launch Whatsapp by tapping on the Whatsapp icon. 

2. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the Whatsapp. blue ticks whatsapp3. Now tap on the settings option. blue ticks whatsapp4. Next tap on Account. blue ticks whatsapp5. Goto privacy settings. blue ticks whatsapp6. Check the "read receipts" to enable the blue ticks. If you want to disable the blue tick simply uncheck the "read receipts" to disable the blue ticks. blue ticks whatsapp7. If you disable the setting, Now open an old message, your blue ticks will be gone. If you enabled the setting for blue tick, Start cheating now you will see a blue tick. blue ticks whatsapp In the group, chats read receipt will always be shown, also with the voice messages. Tap and hold on a chat to get message info, which will have when the message was delivered and read.

Part 2: Enable/Disable Blue Ticks (WhatsApp) in iPhone

In this section let see how to disable the Read Receipts on iPhone. It is an almost similar method like android.

  1. Tap on Whatsapp icon on the home screen.
  2. Goto settings on the lower right corner of Whatsapp.
  3. Open Account section.
  4. Now tap on the privacy option.
  5. Tap on the read receipt to enable the blue ticks.
  6. Tap the back symbol, and now the blue ticks would have vanished.

In conclusion, if you disable the read receipts aka blue ticks, you will not be able to see them either.  If you disable read receipts, you cannot see who has viewed your status. 

Missing Read Receipts aka Blue Ticks might mean:

  • You have disabled it in your Whatsapp.
  • That particular contact has blocked you.
  • Your recipient's phone is switched off.
  • Your message to your recipient is not opened.
  • Either you or your recipient has connection issues.
  • The recipient may be using outdated version of Whatsapp.

A small trick with blue ticks 

If you switch on airplane mode, then if you read your Whatsapp message, sender will only be able to see two grey ticks, which mean they will be notified as delivered not read until you switch off airplane mode.

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