How to Join WhatsApp Group

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To join a WhatsApp group on android can be as exciting and easy as it sounds. WhatsApp groups are really helpful if you are working in a group. A WhatsApp group will keep you connected with your family and friends quite easily. This article will give you a step by step guide to join a WhatsApp group on android.

Steps to Join WhatsApp Group on Android

1. Open WhatsApp - The first thing you have to do to join a WhatsApp group is to open the WhatsApp app on your android phone.

join whatsapp group

2. Click on the link - An admin must have send you the invitation link through the medium of text message, email or in your personal chat box. You will have to click on that link and open it.

join whatsapp group

3. Open the Invitation Link - Open the invitation link you have received because by doing so you will be added to the particular group. A pop up window will open on your screen after that.

join whatsapp group

4. See the Group Details - The popup window on your screen will automatically take you to the WhatsApp application. From here, you can see all the available group details.

join whatsapp group

The name of the group will be on the top for instance. You can also check out the group photograph if any from the top left corner of your phone screen.

You can even view the name of the creator of the group and other members of the group.

5. Tap Join or Cancel Group - Look down on your screen. You will see two options on the bottom right. They will be "cancel or join group".

join whatsapp group

If you wish to join the particular group then tap on to join the group. If you do not wish to join the group then press on cancel.

Based on your choice, you will be either added to the group or not.

Alternative Way to Join WhatsApp Group on Android

There is another way to join a WhatsApp group on android phone. In this case, you will not receive any invitation link. You will just receive a message on your WhatsApp that a certain person has added you to a particular group.

Here you do not have the choice to view the group details beforehand. Whereas you will get the chance to do that afterward. Accordingly, you can be a part of the group or leave the group.

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