How to Create Poll on WhatsApp Group

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The feature we just witnessed is part of WhatsApp's ongoing development of new capabilities. This will eventually make importing your chat backup simpler. You'll make polls for your group conversations, which is another plan for this feature. We first heard about it back in April. The most recent version of the app now provides additional information regarding how polling in WhatsApp chats will operate, indicating that development has undoubtedly continued behind the scenes. Let's see how to create a poll in the WhatsApp group. 

Create Poll on WhatsApp Group: 7 Steps

Step 1- Open WhatsApp: Step 1: First, you have to open the WhatsApp app on your device.

  • You can open this app anywhere, that is, on your laptop, desktop, or mobile.
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Step 2- Click on Group: Next, you have the group where you want to create a poll. A group is where you and other people are added, and you chat with them.

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Step 3- Tap on Attach Icon: Once you have opened the group, click on the attach icon. This is outside your message box. 

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Step 4- Click on Poll: After you have tapped on the attach icon, many other options will appear. Now you have to choose the option "Poll," which is the last.

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Step 5- Type Question: Here, you have to type the question that you want to poll.

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Step 6- Add Options: Not only do you have to type the question, but you also have to add two or three options. 

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Step 7- Tap on Send Icon: Lastly, click on the "send" icon. This looks like an arrow.

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Thus, this is the easiest way you can create a poll in a WhatsApp group. Also, you can delete WhatsApp group chat if you want to.


I don't have a link to WhatsApp, how can I join?

Please visit To join the group on WhatsApp, first select a category, then a group within that category, and lastly select Join Chat.

How do you find groups to join?

You have to register with Google Groups.

  • Look for the team: Click My groups and then choose All groups and messages from the top menu.
  • Enter the group's name, email address, or topic in the search box then hit Enter.

What is the ideal number of members for a WhatsApp group?

The app has just increased the maximum group size from 256 to 512. You should add persons between this limit.

What happens when a WhatsApp group is deleted?

Only the group administrators will be alerted in the chat when a member leaves a group. With the aid of this functionality, users should feel more at ease leaving groups they no longer wish to be a part of.

Can I rejoin the WhatsApp group that I have left?

You must wait 24 hours before the group administrator can re-invite you to join a group that you've already left twice. The administrator can provide you with a group invite link so that you can avoid having to wait to re-invite a participant.

You can also set disappearing messages in WhatsApp which has come up recently. Follow Sirhow page for more.

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