How to Update WhatsApp App Without Play Store

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This article will guide you on how to update WhatsApp without play store. We all use Whatsapp for our communication needs. It’s the most popular messaging app in the world. We all use Whatsapp to keep in touch with friends and family across the world. But sometimes, you may notice that Whatsapp has stopped working. This may happen when your Whatsapp requires an update. Normally, you must update WhatsApp using the Google Play Store, however, you may alternatively update WhatsApp without using the Playstore.

How to install whatsapp apk on android phone

Update Whatsapp Without Playstore: 4 Steps 

Step 1- Open Google Website: Simply open your Google Chrome browser or any other search engine's Google webpage.

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Step 2- Search for WhatsApp on the Google Website: Simply type WhatsApp apk into the Google search bar to see what other options are available.

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Step 3- Tap on the Whatsapp Official Link:  The official Whatsapp link will appear first in the search results, so all you have to do is click on it.

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Step 4- Tap on Download Now & Install Option: Click on the "Download Now" button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

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Advantages of Updating Whatsapp Regularly

Have you ever thought about updating your WhatsApp messenger app? Well, the good news is that modern smartphones come with a lot of exciting features and functionalities. The bad news is that these features and functions are often updated through apps. So, if you want to use the latest and greatest features of your phone, it is always advisable to update your apps.

  • Updating your Whatsapp status can increase the number of likes and comments you receive on your social media posts. It's a simple way to show that you're actively using the app, so others can tell you're not just screenshotting old conversations.

Advantages of Using APK Installers

Apk installers are the best way to install Android apps without needing to go through the Google Play Store.

They are popular because they offer a much greater level of privacy and control than the official app store.

This is particularly useful for devices that don't receive frequent software updates, such as tablets, which can feel frustratingly slow and out of date.

They also give you the opportunity to download apps that aren't available on the Play Store, often for a much lower price than you would expect to pay if you bought them through the official channel.

Installing an apk file should only be done as a last resort and is not recommended! You shouldn't use this method when installing or upgrading software on an Android phone because it exposes your phone to malware from the apk's source.

Therefore, only download apk files from well-known sites, as these are untouched and thus will allow you to update the software via PlayStore later without any worry of compatibility issues.

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