How to Create Poll on WhatsApp Chat

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Users of WhatsApp who received the poll in a private chat or group can simply tap the choice they want to make to cast their vote. Users can add up to 12 options to a one-on-one poll, and the interface for polls in a group chat and one-to-one chat are the same. Aside from that, WhatsApp will update the poll automatically each time a vote is cast and all messages in both group and private chats will be end-to-end encrypted.

Create Poll on WhatsApp Chat: 7 Steps

Step 1- Open WhatsApp: First you have to open Whatsapp on your device.

  • You can open your Whatsapp from a laptop, phone, or computer.
  • If you do not have WhatsApp download it from Playstore and register with your phone number.
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Step 2- Open Chat: Next you have to open the chat you require. Chat means any conversation you are doing on WhatsApp.

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Step 3- Tap on Attach Icon: By opening a chat you will find an option beside the chat bar. It looks like an attachment icon. Now click on it.

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Step 4- Tap on Poll: Next, several options will appear. From here you have to select the Poll option. This is the last option among these.

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Step 5- Type Question: Here a Question box will appear. So, you have to ask or rather write a question here.

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Step 6- Add Options: Only writing questions will not do you have written 2 options or more here. Thus, on this basis, people will vote on the answer.

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Step 7- Tap on Send Icon: Lastly tap on the send icon. Now the poll is created in your chat box.

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This is how you can easily create a poll on WhatsApp chat. Also, you can also archive all chats on WhatsApp.


Has WhatsApp a voting feature?

On a WhatsApp poll, up to 12 alternatives can be added.

Both Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp now have a polling feature. Now, polls can be run in both group and private chats.

Can a WhatsApp chat have a poll added to it?

There are no built-in tools for creating votes in WhatsApp. However, you can construct a poll at HandyPolls and duplicate it in the accepted format if your target audience is in WhatsApp groups.

It also says that anyone in the group is free to start a poll. As soon as a user creates a poll on WhatsApp chat, they can vote.

Does Messenger still allow you to create polls?

Simply click the Plus symbol in a group chat and choose Polls. After that, you may add the query and detailed responses for your friends to vote on, then hit submit. Your friends can quickly participate in the poll by viewing it in the Messenger discussion.

Can a group poll be conducted?

To add options for the group members to choose from, type a question, and then tap Add a poll option… Press Post.

It is a good thing for you to know these answers. Also, you can delete WhatsApp messages for everyone if you have accidentally sent that.

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