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WhatsApp does not provide a direct method of sharing WhatsApp status. What if you enjoy someone's status and want to tell your friends about it? To do so, go to your phone's gallery and download and save the picture or video from WhatsApp status.

People not only upload their own photos, but they also occasionally use their WhatsApp status to share music or a video. Some people wish to update their WhatsApp status with the same thing.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not allow users to save these status updates. So, here's a simple tutorial on how to save WhatsApp Status photographs and videos.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos Your Android Smartphone

Download WhatsApp Status in 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Playstore: We all know that we cannot download status directly from WhatsApp. We need an alternative app for that. Hence, let's start by opening the Play Store. Click on Play Store to open it.

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Step-2 Type 'Status Downloader for Whatsapp': Next, in the search option, type 'Status Downloader for Whatsapp'.

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Step-3 Click on install: Then, after searching the application. Click on 'Install' to download & install the application on your device.

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Step-4 Open the app: Make sure that you are well connected to a network. Once you're done with the installation of the application, click on 'Open' to open the app.

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Step-5 Select the status & click on the download button below the image: Next, to download any status follow the steps-

  • Firstly, select the status from where you wish to download.
  • Secondly, Click on the download button present below the image or video to download it.
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Step-6 Download: Lastly, the green bar shows that the status is downloaded successfully.

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We all know how to upload WhatsApp status or how to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp but if we had to share someone else's WhatsApp status or just save it for future reference that was hard to do. Well, now you know how to download WhatsApp status in a few easy steps.

Will I know If someone downloads my WhatsApp Status?

No, see because WhatsApp doesn't allow anyone directly to download statues. Mostly people download it using some other application made specifically for downloading WhatsApp statues.

So, these applications don't warn or notify the person whose status you are downloading. And vice versa, if you download someone else's status they won't get notified either.

How to Save WhatsApp Status on iPhone?

  • Once you've opened WhatsApp, look at the WhatsApp Status you want to download
  • Open a File Manager application now.
  • Enable the "Show hidden files" option in your File manager app's Settings tab.
  • Look for a folder called "WhatsApp" in your phone's internal storage.

Is there any other way to Download WhatsApp Status?

Yes, there is. You can simply take a screenshot of the screen. Taking a screenshot is one of the simplest ways to save a photo from a WhatsApp status.

And since both Android and iPhone accept screenshots, you may do so without having to download any additional apps.

Hence, to take a screenshot, press the Power and Home buttons at the same time, or the Power and Volume down buttons at the same time.




For Old App Users

WhatsApp has no option to download status. But the status is stored in one hidden location. There are two methods to get WhatsApp status to your gallery.

First method is by using a third-party app called Status Downloader for WhatsApp. To download the status file, follow the step below.

Download WhatsApp Status

There are two ways to download WhatsApp status.

Method for Downloading Status 1:


1. Launch Google Play store: Type status downloader for WhatsApp in the search box. Install the app by tapping on the name and install option and wait for the installation to finish. download whatsapp status

2. Open Status Downloader: Open it by tapping over its icon in the menu, which looks like a downward arrow. Now tap on start option. download whatsapp status3. Open Recent Stories: Tap on the option on the home screen of the app. Now you will be shown the latest status and images. download whatsapp status4. Download Video: Below the video, download option will be there, it will look like a downward arrow. Tap on it and wait for the app to prompt video was stored. download whatsapp status5. Open Gallery: After downloading video, go back to the home screen and tap on the gallery option. There you will find the video in the Status downloader for WhatsApp folder.

Method 2 for Downloading status:


1. Open-File Explorer: Tap on the explorer option in the menu. 

2. Show Hidden Files: Go to options in the explorer and tap on the show hidden file option. If you are not finding this option on your mobile you can download and install ES File Explorer and try this step. download whatsapp status3. WhatsApp Media Folder: Open the WhatsApp folder and enter into media folder. There will be your status videos in the folder ‘.Statuses’. download whatsapp status Status videos can be downloaded from the site Variety of statuses are available on this site. It has other many language collections too.

Delete Whatsapp Status

Hide WhatsApp Status

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