How to Delete Whatsapp Status

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WhatsApp status allows you to share videos, photos, texts, etc. WhatsApp status will automatically disappear after 24 hours. But there are times where the user wants to delete the status before auto-deletion happens. By default, WhatsApp status is visible for those whose numbers are stored in your contact. We can delete Status any time after updating. Follow the below steps to delete the WhatsApp status. Deleting WhatsApp status just takes few steps.

Steps to delete WhatsApp status:

1. Locate WhatsApp: Locate the WhatsApp application on your phone. Click on the WhatsApp icon and the app gets opened.

Steps to delete Whatsapp status

2. Tap on Status tab: Tap on the Status Tab. Find the status you want to delete. All the status that the user has updated will be visible. Select the one which you want to delete.


3. Tap on Menu Icon: Tap on the Menu Icon. This Icon will have 3 horizontal dots. The icon will be present on the rightmost corner.

delete whatsapp status 

4. Select the status message: Select the status message, that you want to delete. You can delete it as and when you want before 24 hours period. The status will automatically get deleted after 24 hours.

delete whatsapp status

5. Tap on deletion symbol: Once you select the status that you want to delete, tap on the deletion symbol.

delete whatsapp status  

6. Confirm Deletion: App will ask for the confirmation before deletion. If you are sure to delete the status update tap on the option” DELETE”. Else you can tap on “CANCEL” If you select delete option, the status update deleted for everyone who received it.

delete whatsapp status

7. Check the Status and confirm: Once the deletion is done, you can go to status and check again. The status that you have deleted will no longer be available under the status menu.

delete whatsapp status

So, you will be able to delete the WhatsApp status, incase if you have made any mistake and don’t want others to see it. You have an option to immediately delete the status. But it is not possible to delete multiple WhatsApp status at once.

Some times there are scenarios where you will mess up with the Whatsapp status. Then just follow the steps and delete the status before others could see it. For those looking to delete the WhatsApp status on Android, above are the guidelines that allow removing the status before 24 hours.

Steps to Set New WhatsApp Status

1. Set a New Status Option: You have two options down the right corner. The one looks like a camera is the new video or image status option. Another one looking like a pencil, lets you set text statuses with custom backgrounds.

how to delete whatsapp status

2. Image or Video Status: Tap on the camera option in the bottom right corner. Now you can take any photograph and upload it as status. If you long-press over the capture button in the middle, you will record a video and you can post it as status. Videos above 30 seconds time, cannot be uploaded as status.

how to delete whatsapp status

3. Editing photo & videos: These statuses can be added with stylish text and emoji using some tools displayed at the top. The tools available are Pen, Text, crop, and emoji. how to delete whatsapp status

4. Sending Status: Tap on the post and wait for the status to finish sending. how to delete whatsapp status

5. Text status: If you want to greet somebody or convey something in Whatsapp with the picture, there is an option using text status tools. Same tools as like image & video status are available in this option with a custom background setting. how to delete whatsapp status

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