How to Change WhatsApp Audio Speed

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WhatsApp is a messaging app by Facebook. It provides a lot of features that can be useful for WhatsApp users to stay in touch with their friends and family. You can send text messages to your WhatsApp contacts make audio calls to them and even video call them. There is an option to even share media files through WhatsApp which can include photos videos and audio files. Apart from these you can also record audio messages on the app itself within the chat and send them to to the contact of your choice.

  • Recently WhatsApp launched a feature that allows you to increase the speed of the audio messages someone sends you.
  • This feature saves a lot of time for the users as they can listen to an audio message in half the time of its actual duration.
  • The maximum speed you can have while playing the audio message is twice the actual speed.
  • In this Sir how guide tutorial we will provide you with the steps that you need to follow in order to change WhatsApp audio speed as it is called in the online world.

SPEED UP WhatsApp Audio Messages

Change WhatsApp Audio Speed in few Steps

Step 1 - open WhatsApp: You must first launch the Whatsapp application as the very first step, to begin the procedure. This requires that you already have a Whatsapp account and that the app is loaded on your phone.

  • You will have to go through the list of installed apps on your phone to find the app.
  • Once you've found the Whatsapp symbol, tap it once.
  • This symbol will resemble a green circle with a telephone receiver inside it.

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Step 2 - Tap on your contact: Once you open the app you will see the list of charts that you have had with people on your mobile screen. The voice note that you want to listen to you must be available in one of these chats. Scroll through the list and find the chat that has the voice note. Once you find it tap upon it.

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Step 3 - Play your audio and select your audio speed accordingly: Now you have opened the chat of that contact scroll through the chat and look for the voice note that you want to listen to once you find it Tab on the play button.

  • As the audio begins to be played a small grey color button will appear on the right side of the audio.
  • It will be showing 1 X typed on it. Tap on it once.
  • Now the speed will increase and be 1.5 x. Tap on it again to reach the access speed for the playing audio.

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You can use this feature to save a lot of time as there are many voice notes which are sent to you but have a very long duration. You can always choose to speed them up by increasing their playing speed and finishing listening to them sooner than their actual recording time. This will increase your response speed as a result. You can adjust the speed accordingly and revert back to the 1x speed by following the same process.

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