How to Delete All WhatsApp Photos

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Whatsapp is an application for sharing messages, videos, images, and documents. You must be aware of that. However, you can delete WhatsApp photos if you receive them in bulk and they take up space on your device. Nobody likes keeping useless good morning, good night, festive message images for long. So, instead of deleting them from the gallery, delete them from your device storage to clear your phone with these steps.

How To Delete All WhatsApp Photos On iPhone

Delete WhatsApp Photos in 5 Quick Steps

Step-1 Open File Manager: File manager or my files is an essential application to sort out your mobile's storage and media. If your device doesn't come along with such an application, you can download any file manager from the play store that has good ratings. Once you get it, open it.

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Step-2 Go to Storage: The file manager will contain media information for your internal storage and the memory card too if you have inserted it.

  • WhatsApp data is usually stored in Internal storage itself.
  • So, click on the internal storage option after going to the file manager.

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Step-3 Go to the WhatsApp folder: To delete WhatsApp photos, you need to open the folder of WhatsApp. You will find it inside the internal storage itself.

  • If you are unable to find it, use the search icon to locate the folder.
  • You can click on the magnifying lens option to search. Type in 'WhatsApp' so that you receive all the suggestions and click on the folder once you find it.

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Step-4 Long-Pressing: Under the WhatsApp folder. there are different folders for videos, audio, gifs, images, and other media that you can receive via WhatsApp.

  • To delete WhatsApp photos, you need to clear the images folder.
  • You can directly long press on the 'WhatsApp images' folder to select it.

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Step-5 Tap on Delete: On selecting the folder, some icons will appear on the top and the bottom of the screen. You will either see a dustbin icon for delete or an option reading delete.

  • This depends on the device that you are using or the file manager.
  • The delete option can even be under the three-dots icon. So, click on that to see if you find the delete option there.
  • Once you find it, click on it and you would have deleted WhatsApp photos

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Will I Lose my Photos From Gallery too?

Yes, if you delete WhatsApp photos from the file manager, they will vanish from the gallery too. If you do not back up the WhatsApp images regularly with google photos or drive, then you will lose the images that you delete forever.

How to Download just selected Photos from WhatsApp?

By default, WhatsApp downloads and saves all the images to your phone storage itself. However, you can turn this auto-save off very easily and download only those images that you want to and not all. Stop auto-saving media from WhatsApp to do this and get rid of downloading all the images filling up your phone unnecessarily.

Thus, in this way, you can manage images that you receive from WhatsApp. If you are afraid of deleting important images, then back up WhatsApp regularly. You can even change WhatsApp backup time according to your convenience.

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