How to Use WhatsApp Payment

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Whatsapp has been the favourite app for most people. And now with the payment feature, it has been more useful and favourite. You can send money on WhatsApp to the employees or anyone from your business account. Yes, you heard it right! Whatsapp allows making your account into a business WhatsApp account.

Whatsapp has just added the payment method feature. You may find it difficult How to Use WhatsApp Payment? The method to send payment is as simple as you can on WhatsApp.

Beginners guide to Whatsapp Payments

Use WhatsApp Payment In 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open WhatsApp: Open the App list on your Andriod. Select Whatsapp and click on it. Open the App.

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Step-2 Select the Chat: Once you open Whatsapp, go to the chats list. There you can see a list of all the contacts chats.

  • Now select the contact whom you have to pay.
  • Click on it and open the chats.
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Step-3 Click on the attachment icon: Now you can see the emoji icon, Message bar, attachment icon, camera icon and speaker icon.

  • You have to select the attachment icon.
  • Open it.
  • Now you have seven options on your screen.
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Step-4 Click on Payment(₹ icon): Select the (₹) icon with the name of the payment. Click on it and open the Payment option.

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Step-5 Click on Accept and Continue: If your bank account is not attached to WhatsApp. Then first make sure to add the bank account on WhatsApp. Once you attached the bank account.

  • Then click on pay.
  • Now WhatsApp will show terms and their privacy policy.
  • You have to click on Accept And Continue.
  • Now proceed with the payment.
Image Titled Use WhatsApp Payment Step 5

Step-6 Enter the amount, UPI pin and click on send: Enter the amount you have to send. Then put your appropriate UPI pin. Then click on send. If your payment is done then it shows completed. Make sure to enter the correct UPI pin.

  • You can see the double tick for the payment status
  • The grey double tick tells that your money is sent but not seen.
  • But if there is a double blue tick.
  • Your money is transferred and the receiver has seen it.
Image Titled Use WhatsApp Payment Step 6

Can you connect your WhatsApp to another device?

Yes, WhatsApp offers an option called WhatsApp web to connect with another device. You have to scan QR codes from the WhatsApp web of another device. Once you scan the QR code then you can connect your WhatsApp to another device.

Is payment on Whatsapp are secure?

You can pay the amount on WhatsApp safely. Your Whatsapp payment is secure between two individual companies for safety and security purposes. So you can pay via WhatsApp payment without worrying.

Can you pay in the WhatsApp group?

You can pay even in the WhatsApp group also. All you have to do is before paying just select the number of recipients you want to send money to. And then follow the above payment steps to pay on WhatsApp.

You can select all recipients if you want to send money to all of them. Each recipient of the WhatsApp group will receive the money.

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