How to Back up and Restore WhatsApp Messages with Google Drive

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Backing up WhatsApp on Android to Google drive: WhatsApp is fun to use with your friends and family. When you plan to move from one Android device to another due to any reason, you would want to carry your data with you as you would want to carry your important pieces of information with you and the only way to achieve this is by backing it up.

WhatsApp on Android devices uses Google drive to back up your important pieces of information and one just needs to follow the below-mentioned steps to backup his data.

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Steps to follow-:
1. Open WhatsApp- Tap on WhatsApp, it is a green chat bubble icon present on your device.
2. Tap on three vertical dots- Tap on three vertical dots that appear at top right corner of your WhatsApp screen.
3. Go to settings- In the dropdown list that appears, tap on “Settings”.
4. Go to Chats- On the settings page, tap on “Chats”.
5. Go to Chat backup- On the Chats page, tap on “Chat backup”.
6. Back up to Google drive- On the chat backup page, you can instantly back up your chats to your mentioned google account by tapping on “Back Up” written on a green tab.
7. Set up a backup frequency- You can also set a frequency of backing up your chats to your account regularly. To do this, tap on “Back up to Google drive” in the Google Drive settings. In the dropdown list that now appears in front of you, choose your backup frequency. Make sure that you do not tap on “Never” in this dropdown list.
8. Choose Network to backup- After selecting your backup frequency, select the mode over which backup will take place. To select the network, tap on “Back up over” under Google drive settings. Please note down that backing up over a cellular data network might result in additional data charges.
Your data will take a chunk of your internal memory and whenever required, you can have access to this data, by signing in into any android device.

Restore WhatsApp on Android to Google drive

Once you backup your chats and files to google drive, you are privileged to use them from any android device and at any point of time. All you require is to get signed up on whatsapp from the new device that you are using.

This turns out to be very helpful and crucial if you have reinstalled whatsapp on your device after a long time or your original android is damaged or stolen and you are looking to retrieve the original data back into your new device.

Follow the steps mentioned below to restore WhatsApp to an android device.

Steps to follow-:
1. Launch WhatsApp- Tap on the WhatsApp icon after you have installed it on your phone.
2. Agree and Proceed- Once you launch WhatsApp, agree to the terms and conditions and tap on “Agree and Continue”.
3. Allow access to contacts- WhatsApp will seek for permission to have access to your contacts as because then it will be able to add these contacts on your WhatsApp list. Now, Tap on “Continue”.
4. Provide your Phone number- Type in your phone number and provide the country code as well.
5. Enter the verification code- Enter the six-digit verification number for authenticating your mentioned phone number.
6. Tap on Continue- Tap on “Continue” to allow WhatsApp to have access to your Google drive backup.
7. Tap on account- After allowing WhatsApp to access your Google backup, tap on the account which contains the backup.
8. Tap Restore- Tap on “Restore” to store back all your chats and files back to WhatsApp.
9. Set up your Profile- Provide your WhatsApp name and add a profile photo to get started with WhatsApp.

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